The Murdoch Lynch Mob is Gathering


The recent problems of Rupert Murdoch and his media empire are reminiscent of the exposure and subsequent downfall of fellow hate-monger Joe McCarthy in the 1950s.

In both cases, these bullies were quietly hated by a lot more people than they realized for the lies, innuendos and sins of omission they utilized to elevate themselves. That simmering hatred just below the surface was the fuel for the figurative public bonfire that consumed McCarthy’s hopes and ambitions.

Now, the Daily Dog, a PR industry rag, is reporting that Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D – W.Va.) is calling for a federal investigation into the possible use here in the U.S. of the same improper voicemail-tapping and email-tapping tactics Murdoch news teams allegedly employed in the United Kingdom. That’a nice way of telling your fellow Senators “I’ve got the tar, can you get some feathers together?”

Whoa baby, the skids are being greased. We wish we could say we felt sorry for the intended target, but we don’t. We’re journalists and we don’t like fake journalists who take on the benefits of journalism without the burdens. Accuracy is a burden.

That’s just our way of saying “Go ahead and strimurdoch3ng him up if you want to.” We’d try and stop you, but we’ve got pressing business back at the house.

Gotta watch the grass grow, make sure the air conditioner is running properly, ensure that the clock is keeping accurate time, water the plats, and walk the dogs in a few hours, Modern Family is on again in six days … busy, busy, busy.

Seriously though, who is going to save the Murdoch Empire? R

upert already gave up on his bid to acquire Sky News and create a Fox equivalent in The United Kingdom. It’s hard to envision his privileged and sheltered kids, who know nothing of true adversity, rising to the challenge of saving the family biz.

Tmurdoch2he proverbial fat lady started singing a few days ago when News Corp. announced a stock repurchase plan, which is another way of saying they’re buying their own stock to keep the price from collapsing. That’s the financial equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the old Titanic.

Your’re done Rupert. Well done. All that’s missing is the apple in your snout. Open wide …