Cynical Salutes American Hero Yukari Mihamae


The Transportation Security Administration should give 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae, of Colorado, a medal for sensitizing one of their agents to how it feels to be groped by “public servants” drunk with power.

According to this AP story, Mihamae allegedly “grabbed, squeezed and twisted” the left breast of a TSA agent July 14 at an airport checkpoint, which is a string of actions that ranks right up there with “smack it, flip it, rub it down” given to us by the old musical group Bell Biv Davoe.

The TSA says Mihamae refused to be go through passenger screening and became argumentative before grabbing the agent’s boob. Police say Mihamae admitted grabbing the TSA agent and argued with their officers before being arrested, which just proves that she’s a stand-up lady. Maricopa County jail officials say Mihamae was released from custody July 15.

We here at Cynical think Mihamae should be hired on the spot as a paid groper of TSA agents. She could tea-bag the guys and boob-grab the women until they start showing the rest of us the same goddamn consideration they expect for themselves.

Cynical is still pissed off about a security agent who brought a pregnant woman to tears at an airport in Omaha, Neb., after 9/11 by holding up her breast pump, breast pads, and padded underwear for hundreds to see during a protracted inspection of her diaper bag for assault rifles and Claymore mines.

If she had really been dangerous she could have cut the inspection time by 90% by putting a couple dirty diapers in there. Sadly she was just one of the law-abiding “little people” trying to board a plane.
If cops have to agree to be sprayed with pepper spray and shocked with a Taser before they can use such weapons on the rest of us, it’s only right that TSA agents should be groped and subjected to a full cavity body search before being allowed to even think about pulling that garbage on a fellow American.

A Facebook page in support of Mihamae had amassed 4,916 supporters as of Sept. 6.

“I don’t even care if she did do what she’s accused of,” Facebook supporter John Swart said in his post. “She’s a hero to just about anyone who flies these days.”

Swart summed up the feelings of most of the group: “I like what the TSA said in their release – ‘TSA officers work every day to protect the traveling public, and the agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce.’ It seems like their everyday ‘work’ involves assaulting, harassing, intimidating and humiliating the travelling public.”