Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Empowered Consumers Let Their Hands Go

Beleagured consumers have taken a page from the boxing world in recent weeks by "letting their hands go" in their battle with predatory corporations like Netflix and Bank of America.

Boxing trainers use the phrase when they want a pugilist to stop being cautious and pound away at an antagonist with unbridled fury. The effect in the business world has been to turn the clock back on customer relations to a time when more businesses had a moral compass and worried about how they were viewed by those who purchase their products and services.

Consumers have used their wallets to rout both Netflix and Bank of America (BofA) in the past month in a collectivedislike 2 show of force that suggests a new activism has replaced their former apathy, which long allowed business leaders to treat them with disdain. The result may be a sea change in the way business has been conducted in America the past 30 years.

Instead of purchasing political and media influence to facilitate the exploitation of their own customers, particularly in industries like banking and cable TV, corporations now must rediscover how to treat them fairly again.

Wall Street Protests Yield “American Autumn”

Organized labor joined with anti-Wall Street protesters Oct. 5 to produce one of the biggest demonstrations in more than 30 years in lower Manhattan and a volatile force for political change. Drawn together by shared frustration with corporate greed and a political system plagued by legalized bribes, older middle class Americans joined the younger generation to produce a boisterous crowd of more than 30,000 protesters.

Smaller protests were staged in cities and on college campuses across the country, from Seattle and Los Angeles, to Tampa and Portland, Maine. Ongoing protests also are underway in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Raleigh and Boston.

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