Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Occupying the Personal Trauma of Police Brutality

Trauma is always a possibility in any conflict. One would think the probability of developing war wounds at the kind of nonviolent actions associated with Occupy Wall Street would be small, but trauma is a reality for activists like Cecily McMillan, who experience both police brutality and the symptoms of trauma they produce.
Occupy has natural buffers to prevent a brutal crime from becoming a traumatic episode, but Occupiers still needs to be trauma-minded enough to look after their own. Especially those who try to tough it out by pretending nothing hurts them after being physically assaulted by an enraged officer they have been raised to admire.
What is trauma?
We tend to think of trauma in terms of its symptoms: withdrawal, anxiety and panic, fear, flashbacks, nightmares, mood swings, hyper-vigilance, detachment and the search to numb these experiences through drug use or self harm. But this is all very clinical and dry.

A more human understanding of trauma is that it is an event someone cannot yet write into their personal narrative, which separates that person from him or herself.

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