Monday, June 27, 2022
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How to Save America’s Free Press

As a journalism lifer nothing grinds my gears more than when some well-paid sellout in public relations starts opining about what needs to be...

James Murdoch’s Opportunistic Nazi Pivot

The youngest son of billionaire propagandist Rupert Murdoch sent a peace-loving message to his rich friends yesterday, decrying the Nazi attacks in Charlottesville his...

Whitfield Apologizes for Appearance of Journalism

CNN Anchor Fredericka Whitfield apologized Monday for not behaving more like a Faux News pseudo journalist, right-wing lapdog, and beneficiary of the status quo.

Whitfield was seeking to defuse a social media brouhaha that began Saturday when she described an attack by a lone gunman named James Boulware on a building full of armed police officers in Dallas as "courageous and brave, if not crazy as well."

The accurate remarks sparked outrage among those on the far right who enjoy watching large groups of police brutalize and kill poor and middle class black people who challenge the status quo or peacefully dent the rules of the expanding American police state.

The attacker, a white man who was apparently unhinged by the loss of his child in a custody dispute, was later killed by police. Boulware never hit anyone. His race was not widely known until Monday.

Whitfield was discussing the attack with another CNN staffer as it unfolded when she forgot herself and began practicing journalism instead of propaganda.

In her subsequent apology, Whitfield faulted herself for forgetting "her place" and "biting the hand that feeds me." She also said that those in the black community comparing her to the house slaves of the Old South were being unfair and apparently didn't realize that the shooter with the black sounding name - James Boulware - was actually a Southern white male.

"I'm the victim here," Whitfield said. "Do you folks have any idea how much money I'm paid for providing CNN with cover against allegations of racial bias? Shoot, I can't make that kind of money anywhere else. Let he who has the bank to pay for my country club memberships cast the first stone."


Newsroom Insider: Disclosing Potential Conflicts

Journalism has its share of ethical lapses and the routine assignment of unionized reporters to labor stories without disclosing those ties is one of...