Monday, August 8, 2022
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Trump Trade Wars Paying Off For U.S. Workers

Donnie Trust Fund’s misguided trade war with China is starting to pay dividends for America’s beleaguered workers and faltering middle class.

U.S. Posts Net Loss of 380,000 Jobs for June

The U.S. labor market posted a net loss of 388,000 jobs in June as the 213,000 jobs it created were overwhelmed by new entries to...

Newsroom Insider: Covering U.S. job creation the right way

Bloomberg News produced an excellent jobs story today on the July payroll report that should be required reading for every economic journalist. Kudos to...

AP: Job outlook suggests more hiring

This is a typical flawed AP story on job creation. The world's largest news organization seems incapable of understanding that all the fancy numbers...