Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Love in the Time of Hog Heads and Habitual Liars

Scientists are racing the clock to find a cure for the Pinnochio Effect, as Republican fabulists contend with a frightening and inexplicable period of rapid skull expansion in the post-Trump era.

Calmate motherfuckers

Look people, if you voted for Trump or Hillary you voted for Wall Street. Again. And you will live to regret it. So save all your hypocritical...

Middle Class turning on own in wake of Election 2016

Guess who won the 2016 presidential election:Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, or the Wall Street multinationals employing divide and rule tactics?If you said "Wall Street" you win a...

Trump rides economic shit storm to victory

Just awoke to a Trump presidency, angry feminists and delighted veterans.  My take? This was never a traditional election. It was a referendum on a corrupt...

This McDonaldized election was over before it began

When I see "too good to be true" nonsense like the meme at left I have to wonder what is real and what is illusion...

Time to Boycott John Oliver and HBO

I believe in voting with my wallet whenever I can. For me, that means a boycott of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver after this week's horrendously...

Media Struggles to Richsplain Trump’s popularity

The recent spate of national news articles puzzling over Donald Trump's rise in the polls is noteworthy only for its complete omission of the class warfare climate...

Cynical Times Endorses Hillary Clinton

Ever wonder how so many Africans could be crowded aboard European slave ships without a revolt in the 1800s? Or how so many Jews could be herded to...

The Cynical Times endorses peaceful revolution at The Bernie Box

I respectfully disagree with those who say choosing Bernie Sanders over Hillary Rodham Clinton is solely the province of the young and naive. I feel the same way as the kids do and I'm 51. Many of my age-mates are of a similar mind.

That’s why The Cynical Times is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. It's the first real endorsement in the history of this news and satire website devoted to the faltering middle class.

I worked in the mainstream news media for more than 30 years before it was taken over by right-wing monied interests. During that time I covered both politics and economics in Washington, D.C., rubbing elbows with everyone from Alan Greenspan to Jeb Bush to Cory Booker; covered cops and courts in Newark, the Bronx and South Florida; covered energy, insurance and banking at the national and global level; and our military overseas.

I am wholly convinced that the naive view right now in America is held by those who believe they can present our shrinking middle class with another choice between two Wall Street agents and call it a proper election. Because that's what the U.S. has had every year since Jimmy Carter ran for our nation's highest office in 1976 and that's why our voter turnout is among the lowest in the so-called developed world.

Most Americans want to vote against both the Wall Street money machine and against the K-Street political lobbyists, and have been wanting to do so for some time. However, there's usually no meaningful way to do so. Until now.

That's why The Cynical Times is feeling The Bern.


It’s 2018: All hail President Trump

I jumped again last night and awoke this morning in the year 2018.  It seems I am now a diesel mechanic at the K&H Truck...