Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Outside It’s America: Never get out of the boat

I left my apartment this afternoon for the first time in weeks and was immediately confronted by the systemic failings of an increasingly dysfunctional society. The habitual and...

Saudi proxy pushes France toward police state

As I was watching the news alerts from the Paris terror attacks on Friday I was reminded of a seemingly unrelated event: the one sentence...

People May Be Too Stupid For Democracy to Flourish

By The democratic process relies on the assumption that the majority of citizens are capable of recognizing the best political candidate,...

Montana court boots oligarchy in the ass

Montana's highest court affirmed the legality of that state's century-old ban on corporate political expenditures in a Dec. 30 ruling that represents a challenge to the horrendous "Citizens United" decision by the United States Supreme Court equating corporations with people.

The ruling in Western Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. State of Montana may also represent the beginning of the end for a budding corporate oligarchy that has disenfranchised middle class voters, allowed influential industries to raid the federal treasury, and morphed American government into a pay-to-play system of political patronage the past 30 years. It comes just three months after the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has rallied the 99% against the corporate exploiters of the ruling 1%

“This is a huge victory for democracy,” said John Bonifaz, director of Free Speech For People, a national campaign to reverse the Citizens United ruling in January 2010.

Editorial: Meet Occupy Wall Street

The mainstream media's flawed coverage of Occupy Wall Street has been a disservice to both its readers and viewers, and to the average Americans...

Wall Street Protests Yield “American Autumn”

Organized labor joined with anti-Wall Street protesters Oct. 5 to produce one of the biggest demonstrations in more than 30 years in lower Manhattan and a volatile force for political change. Drawn together by shared frustration with corporate greed and a political system plagued by legalized bribes, older middle class Americans joined the younger generation to produce a boisterous crowd of more than 30,000 protesters.

Smaller protests were staged in cities and on college campuses across the country, from Seattle and Los Angeles, to Tampa and Portland, Maine. Ongoing protests also are underway in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Raleigh and Boston.