Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Top U.S. Diplomats Slam Moron Prez

Colin Powell: "My favorite three words in our Constitution (are) 'we the people,' but recently it's become 'me the president.' "

Ship of Fools, Leaderless and Adrift

Ever ridden in a speeding car with a raging drunk at the wheel? Yes, you have - we all have - because that's the current...

The Decline and Fall of The USA

Used to be rich psychopaths could ride into a lawless part of this country, pay-off the sheriff, and have their hired guns kill anyone who opposed them....

Let’s All Celebrate The Weakest Generation

Used to be that when a strong American leader pushed through necessary reforms they did so even against the tide of public opinion, as Lincoln...

Why Publicly Traded Companies Are Dying Off

For all the hype about U.S. President Donald Trump's alleged business prowess, the painful truth is that high-speed trading, modern financial analytics and political corruption...

The End of Freedom and Democracy

Why does the United States have an opioid crisis? Same reason we have a food safety crisis and are besieged by foreign and domestic terrorists. These...

Are “We The People” still part of the world’s greatest democracy?

We the People of the United States have become all but irrelevant in the policy discussions conducted by our elected leaders in Washington, D.C....

Hillary’s “Let Them Eat Cake” Moment

Hillary Clinton's exaggerated claims about the health of the U.S. labor market and economy, and lauding of a jobless recovery benefiting only the rich, are...

U.S. Headed Toward Third-World Status

Economic data suggests the United States is slipping toward the status of a Third World nation as wealth becomes more concentrated in the hands of the richest 1%.

If fundamental changes are not made the U.S. could become a post-industrial, neo-Third-World nation as early as 2032 if the embattled middle class continues to slip into poverty.

American families are working harder than ever before, with both spouses now firmly in the workplace in most households, but real household incomes have slipped to 1996 levels. One in six Americans now lives in poverty and one in eight is dependent on food stamps.

Overall household wealth in the United States has fallen by $7.7 trillion, thanks partly to the housing crisis and current economic slowdown. Meanwhile, the rich are growing richer with the wealthiest 1% tripling their household incomes from 1979 to 2007. They're also demonstrably over-represented in the ranks of our elected leaders - increasing the social gap between those who make policy and those who shoulder the burdens of those policies.

A Dishonored America in Decline

The opposite of one extreme is not the opposite extreme – it's moderation. Unfortunately, that axiom seems to have escaped the U.S....