Monday, August 8, 2022
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The Trump Challenge: Tell Ruskies “Fuck Off”

The problem with the United States right now is that most Americans would hire a Mexican day laborer to carry their burden of citizenship...

Montana court boots oligarchy in the ass

Montana's highest court affirmed the legality of that state's century-old ban on corporate political expenditures in a Dec. 30 ruling that represents a challenge to the horrendous "Citizens United" decision by the United States Supreme Court equating corporations with people.

The ruling in Western Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. State of Montana may also represent the beginning of the end for a budding corporate oligarchy that has disenfranchised middle class voters, allowed influential industries to raid the federal treasury, and morphed American government into a pay-to-play system of political patronage the past 30 years. It comes just three months after the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has rallied the 99% against the corporate exploiters of the ruling 1%

“This is a huge victory for democracy,” said John Bonifaz, director of Free Speech For People, a national campaign to reverse the Citizens United ruling in January 2010.