Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Trump Moves Oval Office to Russia

President Donald J. Trump moved The White House to Moscow on Friday as polls showed angry voters sweeping him out of office in the 2020 presidential election.

Accepting a Failed America

The United States of America as we knew it is dead and it's not coming back - no matter how many "Make America Great Again" baseball hats the gangster wannabee in The White House sells. It's time for us to stop living in the past and start dealing with the world as it is again.

A Pictorial History of Affluenza

Rich losers always seem to think they're the first to ever have lots and lots of something desirable. This developmentally disabled segment of the animal kingdom has been obsessed with symbols of social status for millennium. They never evolve. Only the baubles change.

Ship of Fools, Leaderless and Adrift

Ever ridden in a speeding car with a raging drunk at the wheel? Yes, you have - we all have - because that's the current...

Conservatives Distance Selves From Mike Rotondo

Conservative groups have filed suit against social media sensation Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old gun nut who was legally evicted from his parents’ home Wednesday,...

A Wall Street Icon’s Jerry Maguire Moment

One of the most powerful men on Wall Street ignited a professional firestorm yesterday, by essentially calling for an end to class warfare and suggesting corporations should...

It’s Time to Expand #MeToo to the Rest of Us

The #MeToo Movement has put a laudable spotlight on the supremacist behavior of America’s toxic elites, but its focus on celebrity victims is an unfortunate extension...

Trump Threatens to Gag Critics

Embattled President Donald Trump threatened hundreds of organizations and individuals with closure and imprisonment Wednesday, singling out Tickle Me Elmo and former President Jimmy...

When Class Warfare Becomes Extermination

Poverty is not simply a "state of mind,” as Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson recently asserted in his normal clueless fashion. ...