South Koreans Cleaning House on Toxic Elites


What’s the difference between systemic political corruption in The Republic of Korea and the United States of America?

In South Korea, Wall Street runs the government through political and religious hookers. The combination allows them to frustrate the will of the people and hold bogus elections between dueling Wall Street stooges.

Sound familiar?

The big difference is the South Korean people are taking steps to reclaim their democracy from the self-appointed royals of the country club set. Whereas most working Americans are still trapped intellectually in the useful fiction that the corrupt Democratic and Republican political machines are competitors, rather than Wall Street collaborators who have helped big business hijack our democracy.

The South Koreans have forced out their corrupt president and are in the process of locking up the arrogant business leaders who placed profits ahead of their own countrymen and women. Rather than work together with them in a real democracy to make the world a better place for their kids.

I’d tell you their names, but Korean surnames tend to put Americans to sleep.

In essence, Korean workers just locked up the equivalents of U.S. President Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch of Faux News, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and religious nut Betsy DeVos. 

It’s a beautiful thing and a victory for decent people around the world. The kind of thing we would love to see happen here in the dear old U.S. someday. Provided the ranks of the newly incarcerated also included the leaders of the corrupt Democratic Party which foisted Hillary Clinton on us in 2016, turned the banks loose in 1999, and helped off-shore millions of U.S. factory jobs to China and Mexico since 1994.

You’ve got to believe Trump’s recent war of words with North Korea’s crazy Juche regime helped spur saner minds in the South to action. 


Well, you don’t have to be a military genius to realize our draft dodging president was about to live out his macho fantasies at their expense. Government movers are still relocating U.S. military personnel to Korea as fast as they can in preparation for a needless dust-up with the North, even though every military scenario shows the Southern capital of Seoul being destroyed in the first hours of the conflict.

The city of 10 million is only 35 miles from the border, putting it within artillery range of the North. 

No matter what you’ve heard about U.S. and Israeli success with anti-ballistic missile shields, we still haven’t figured out how to shoot down old fashioned artillery shells.

North Korea has 8,600 artillery tubes and 4,800 multiple rocket launchers. Most of them targeting Seoul.

Could be the South Koreans see themselves as more than useful cannon fodder for Trump, Samsung’s ruling family and their pals in the idle rich kid set.

Most U.S. stories in the mainstream news media about the house cleaning fail to explain exactly what the corrupt scandal entails. They engage in this sin of omission for a very good reason – which is that a detailed explanation would embarrass the rich folks who are doing exactly the same thing in this nation; their media hookers at Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and Breitbart; and their political hookers in DC.

Basically, Samsung was bribing elected officials and using a religious nut and their bogus religious charity to facilitate the transactions. 

Lord knows such a thing could never happen in the U.S. – at least not more than 15 times a day. 


Because the U.S. Congress has made it legal for its members to engage in insider trading, based on tips from the Wall Street CEOs seeking to bribe them. They’ve also embraced the criminal beauty of excessive speaking fees as another means of washing dirty bribe money clean.

Here’s an example of what a typical insider trading conversation might sound like:

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates: “Hey Nancy, we’re buying LinkedIn for $26 billion, you might want to load up on their stock ahead of time.”

U.S. Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.): “Thanks Bill. And what can I do for you?”

Gates: “Funny you should ask. The estate tax is becoming a real hardship for me and my fellow billionaires. We’d like it to go away.”

Pelosi: “That shouldn’t be a problem. When’s this deal close anyway?

Gates: “Should be 2016 some time, but we’ll go public about it next Friday.”

Pelosi: “That should give me plenty of time to load up on shares of LinkedIn. Is there any way my son Paul can play a role in this transaction?”

Gates: “I don’t see why not Nancy. Is there any way you can arrange for my niece Mary to get hired as a national correspondent at MSNBC?”

Pelosi: “Sure can Bill. Always nice doing business with you.”

Gates: “It’s been a pleasure.”

I’ve lived in The Republic of Korea and I can tell you that there’s a world of difference between its freedom loving population and the reflexive rule followers of conformist Japan. Koreans are known as the Irish of the Orient because they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. Just like us.

When a Korean doesn’t like you, you friggin know it. Unlike the Japanese, who are content to maintain a polite facade until the day they die.

To paraphrase American humorist Mark Twain: “The 1 Percent and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reason.”

Our 1 Percenters have been smelling pretty rank since about 1980. We’ve grown accustomed to the stench.

Fortunately, the Koreans have a more sensitive sense of smell. That elevated smeller is a good thing for decent people everywhere.

Komsamnida baby.

That’s how you say ” thank you” in the Korean language of Hangugo.




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