Why Royal Wannabees Fear Liberals

Liberalism's True Populist Nature is Quite Bloody


The Right Wing Noise Machine is now turning its bile on Liberal Republicans like George Will and David Frum for putting national loyalty ahead of political loyalty, and it makes perfect sense to me.


Because as a principled Liberal I don’t view the world exclusively through the distorted filter of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Instead, I view it as being comprised of royals and royal wannabees, and the Liberals who oppose their efforts to undermine democracy and bring back the primitive evil of hereditary rule.

Historically, Liberalism has been devoted to regicide, as in dead kings and queens. That’s a long way from the rich hypocrites who now pass for Liberals in the public forum.

Fox News habitually misrepresents Liberals as rich hypocrites and royal wannabees – like the Clintons and Kennedys – who think their sheltered and fragile kids are the only ones qualified to rule. This return to hereditary rule is what the new globalism is really about, and why it crosses party lines in our democratic nation.

Absolute monarchy means Kings and Queens who pass their right to rule down to their kids. This is very different from the national spokesmodels of the modern British royal family, who have almost no power.

Today, monarchy is making a comeback in the guise of restricting elected office to corporate royals and their loyal retainers. Like the millionaires who now dominate the U.S. Congress; the job-destroying hedge fund and private equity executives who call themselves “masters of the universe;” and the market cheerleaders who have taken over the mainstream news media.

Through their efforts, the voice of America’s poor and faltering middle class is either being silenced or diverted from its own interests.

That’s why Hillary and Donnie Trust Fund keep trying to foist their sheltered children on America as future leaders. As if Chelsea and Ivanka have any idea what it’s like to slog their way through a typical American life characterized by inaccessible legal and political systems, underfunded public education, zero job security, an unhealthy food supply, and unrealistic child care and health care costs.

The Right Wing Noise Machine also has been programming Americans to equate Liberalism with Communism, as a movement of the left. Liberals like Revolutionary War hero George Washington, who served as our nation’s first president and rebuffed efforts to make him a king.

This is another knowing lie.

Liberalism is neither the polar opposite of business/capitalism nor political conservatives.

Conservatives are called “Conservatives” because they’re committed to preserving the status quo and frustrating change. That does not preclude them from being Liberals at the same time. Particularly in nations like ours where legal equality and democracy are the law of the land.

When Conservatives are devoted to preserving absolute monarchy, as they are in North Korea, Liberalism is a movement of the left. Because it supports change.

However, when Conservatives are devoted to preserving democracy and free market competition – as they should be in The United States – Liberalism is a movement of right. Because it defends the status quo.

Whereas Communism and Capitalism are about who owns the means of production – not who rules – and can be authoritarian or egalitarian.

The principles of Liberalism are democracy, equality and freedom. We don’t care who owns a nation’s factories and farms. So long as it’s not a King.

In practice, that often means dead royals for us. As it did with the Russian Czar in 1917,  Mexican King Maximilian in 1867, France’s King Louis XVI in 1793, and King Charles I of England in 1649.

That make us an obstacle for the corporate globalists who seek a return to hereditary rule by establishing themselves as modern day Kings and Queens. Either directly or though vassals like the Bushes and Clintons.

Eff them all.

And kudos to the true Liberals of both the right and left, who understand that defending democracy crosses party lines. Whether they be Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) or Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.).


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