Roy Moore Loss Makes Korean War More Likely


Many of my fellow Progressives seem to think Alabama’s narrow rejection of Roy Moore yesterday was some kind of victory for decent Americans, but I don’t see it that way.

Narrowly defeating an open bigot and alleged pedophile by a margin of 50 percent to 48 percent is not a victory of any kind in my book.

Clearly, it’s not a loss. But a victory?

For what: Pedophilia or racism?

Because Moore would have won this Senate seat if he had only been a virulent racist and religious extremist who longed for the good old days of the Old South. Same goes for his alleged attempts to abuse his past positions as a prosecutor and judge to seduce vulnerable, underage girls – over and over and over.

It was only the combination of these fatal flaws which actually defeated him in the end. Not any one of his many deal-breakers or his relatively unknown opponent.

The moral of this story is that Republicans can continue to run fatally flawed candidates so long as their Democratic opponents embrace the open corruption and sexual misconduct of political hookers like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Provided the GOP hopefuls only have one fatal flaw at a time.

There’s a word for the $250,000 speaking fees Dems have accepted from big banks and Wall Street investment firms, and that word is “bribery.” The fact that our corrupt Congress has made influence-peddling legal doesn’t change that.

Painful Truth No. 9 Gazillion is that hate and corruption are on the march in The United States of America, and one could not exist without the other.

Painful Truth No. 9.0001 Gazillion is that any political system which advances toxic elites like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Roy Moore as legitimate candidates in general elections is hopelessly broken.

Home of the Brave?


Where are these brave souls?

Because they sure as hell ain’t in politics. Or big business.

What’s next?

War with North Korea.

Not because it serves us or our allies in Japan and South Korea, but because it serves Trump’s political aspirations and naked self interest. He desperately wants the dictatorial powers of a wartime president. Now more than ever.

The Alabama vote diminishes The Donald, who rules the Republican Party by fear rather than example. In its wake, our nation’s Idiot-in-Chief is more likely to conclude that he needs to defeat The Hermit Kingdom on the battlefield to lift his dismal approval rating. Regardless of the impact on our allies in Asia.

Look for them to peel away from the tainted American sphere of influence like bark off a dying tree immediately afterward. With Europe close on their heels.


Because that’s what happens when you lead by fear instead of example. Which is all our toxic elites in Washington, D.C., and New York City know in these cynical times.

The open corruption of the Democratic Party is not a viable alternative to the bigotry of the right. Instead, it is the glue which makes votes stick to fatally flawed opponents who could not have run for dogcatcher just a few years ago.

It is only the incredible greed of the current generation of Democrats which makes the incredible bigotry of the current generation of Republicans appear even remotely palatable. In Moore, we’re talking about a guy who should have never been allowed into West Point; should never have been trusted to lead troops in Vietnam; and should have never been trusted to function as a prosecutor and judge.

Moore is a martinet who is damn lucky he didn’t get fragged by his troops in Vietnam or shot by a sniper after he ordered the men in his military police unit to continue to salute him even while in combat. We’re talking about a stuffed shirt here who was derisively referred to by his own men as “Capt. America.”

What kind of idiot does such a thing?

The kind who dates 14-year-olds.

Our best and brightest?

I think not. If he is, we’re in big trouble.

Moore’s inexplicably narrow defeat proves there is no real collective decency left in America.

Just as there is no collective nobility in an America where working people have no real voice.

There is no representative democracy in a system in which our Congress has been transformed into a veritable House of Lords, where more than half of its members are millionaires.

There is no educated electorate in a society whose free press has been hijacked by propagandists like Rupert Murdoch. Where social media companies like Facebook auction readers to the highest bidder.

These are dreadful times for both America and for humanity. Truly dread.

Moore’s defeat doesn’t change that one damn bit.







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