Mass delusions, lies, and Republican propaganda

As long as President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans are willing to exploit America with knowing lies we can safely expect their targets to happily look the other way as we are all being robbed blind, and our rights and freedoms are compromised.
The great tragedy of Red State America is that millions of otherwise good people would rather be indulged with comforting lies than confronted with painful truths from one of the greatest period of change in human history. Changing their childlike view of the world is akin to convincing a child there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy.
People live their lives based on a personal narrative. A story that defines their lives and how they view other people, life, the world, and the Universe.
It’s usually a self-serving narrative, which is why they generally don’t like to see it messed with by the party poopers the Republicans refer to as the “reality-based community.”

The rest of America will go to great lengths to avoid having to reassess their views and opinions. People will go so far as to flatly refuse to accept reality, if it is contrary to their worldview, no matter how much evidence is mustered to support it.

This is the essence of the psychological concept known as cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance makes possible two tried and true fascist propaganda techniques: The Big Lie and cultural hegemony.

The Republicans have been successfully making use of both propaganda techniques in elections for years. With The Big Lie (ala Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels), you tell the people a lie, a real whopper. You tell it often, with force and conviction, and eventually many people will accept it as the truth because they have heard it over and over and you are telling them what they WANT to believe.

With cultural hegemony (ala Benito Mussolini), you tell the people that you will protect them and the narrative they live their lives by from all enemies. People will flock to a politician who reassures them that their worldview is correct and promises to protect it. Even to the point of supporting political candidates and policies that go against their own best interests. 

The Republicans have been making skillful use of both The Big Lie and cultural hegemony in Red States for many years. By playing on the voters prejudices, resentments, and fears, and promising to protect their views on race relations, religion, guns, abortion, welfare, immigrants, gays, liberalism, etc.

Republican politicians, once in office, occasionally throw their voters a legislative bone on these issues, while pursuing policies that work directly against their constituent’s best interests. This is how the Republicans get away with it.


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