Reality TV Yawner 1.0


A recent Daily Beast story pretty much tells us what we’ve known all along: Reality TV is not real and neither are its stars.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who have sold their last fake story to the checkbook journalists that staff news organizations like Us Weekly and TMZ, admit as much in this interview.

Montag is best known for having 10 plastic surgeries performed on the same day. It’s safe to say that’s not the kind of thing you’ll see on the resume of award-winning actress Diane Lane.

Montag and Pratt admitted that the shows they were in were loosely scripted and that cast members were coached to say and do things that might generate favorable ratings and Internet buzz. The behavior and information spawned by checkbook journalism like this is about as reliable as the military intel gained by torturing suspected terrorists. In essence, people in both cases will say and do exactly what they think you want to hear.

Pratt and Montag also confessed to staging fake breakups to sell photos and stories to the same checkbook journalism organizations. Which means that entertainment journalism is now little better than the old scripted professional wrestling shows.

The really sad part about all this is that a large segment of America buys into the Reality TV garbage, which tends to reinforce the worst stereotypes about the ethnic and economic groups that make up our national melting pot. All of which is further evidence that we are truly living in the decade of the treasonous self-promoter, whether they be in politics, business, entertainment or news.