Pundits puzzled by Sanders’ mojo


I hate to rock the bullshit boat, but all the complicated explanations our nation’s political journalists have been advancing this week about Bernie Sanders’ landslide win in New Hampshire are complete nonsense.

They’re being willfully blind to the painful truth that Wall Street has taken over our nation since 1980 or so and been running it more and more like a totalitarian state with each passing year. Its savage capitalists have hurt their fellow Americans again and again, while laughing all the way to the bank about the idiot peasants of the 99 percent.

American voters are simply trying to do what our elections are meant to do by backing Sanders in that environment: facilitate bloodless revolution at the polls. His status as a democratic socialist – the form of compassionate capitalism working so well in Scandinavia – is neither here nor there.

The average American has been wanting to vote against the obnoxious excesses of Wall Street for many years now, but its cooptation of both the Democratic and Republican parties and the mainstream news media historically has short-circuited that safety valve. That’s why Congress’ approval rating in the monthly Gallup poll has remained below 20 percent for nearly five years – by far the lowest range in its 40 year history.

There’s virtually no data on Wall Street’s approval rating with the American public and for good reason – monied interests know they’re widely despised by many of the American workers they prey upon. They just don’t want the others to find out.

However, a 2011 survey conducted by Knowledge Networks found that only 16 percent of Americans had a favorable impression of Wall Street and large corporations in spite of their huge advertising, marketing and propaganda campaigns.

Wall Street’s chokehold on the U.S. media means the only way to tell the fancy bloodsuckers on Wall Street to fugg themselves – short of a true revolution in the streets – is to vote for Bernie Sanders. It’s pure self-preservation given his status as the only presidential candidate we’ve had in a very long time who is not backed by one billionaire investor or another. A list which includes the baker’s dozen of candidates still in the race.

A vote for Bernie is a vote against the tyranny of Wall Street and the 1 Percent, and against revolution in the streets. Also a nice way to tell the self proclaimed aristocracy atop the new American caste system to choke.

That powerful dynamic makes Bernie kind of irrelevant at the personality level.

When you vote for Hillary you’re voting for Hillary. Same goes for Trump and Cruz.

However, when you vote for Bernie you’re not just voting for Bernie. You’re voting against outright treason.

You’re voting against the hedge fund mofo who bought the AIDS drug which helps keep some of our fellow Americans alive and raised the price more than 5,000 percent; you’re voting against the private equity sonsabitches who have been trapping our kids into big students loans at worthless for-profit colleges, which cannot be discharged via personal bankruptcy; you’re voting against the Wall Street jackwagons who have moved more than 60,000 U.S. factories to China since 2001 to avoid paying their workers a fair wage; and the robber barons who think they don’t have to pay their fair share of this nation’s taxes alongside the rest of us.

Those imperatives make Bernie’s religion, race, gender and political gang affiliations completely irrelevant. They also free him from much of the personal scrutiny his peers are subject to.

Bottom line, I don’t give a flying fugg what Bernie does in his personal life so long as he makes Wall Street scream. He can sleep with Monica Lewinsky, smoke crack with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and pose naked on the cover of GQ for all I care. 

Don’t mean shit to me.

Cause all I want for Christmas, Ramadan, Diwali, Vesak, Vaisakhi and Hannukah is to take a paddle to some treasonous Wall Street rump.

And I Am Not Alone.