Trump Approval Ratings Suspect

In a World of Elite Bullshit, All Data and Press Releases Are Suspect


The story making the rounds today about the recent drop in President Donald Trump’s approval ratings means nothing.

Doesn’t matter whether you hate Trump and his Trumplickers – as I do – or are one of the gullible fools who still support The Moron Presidency.


Because the data are clearly suspect.

Last time I looked, Donnie Bagadonuts’ current 36 percent approval ratings were more than 34.

That’s the hard deck his approval ratings never seem to fall below. Not even after he booted his response to Charlottesville, bragged about grabbing pussy, demonized Hispanics and Blacks, and turned immigrant babies into orphans by taking them from their moms.

So either one-in-three Americans are morons who don’t care what their elected leaders do or the data are garbage.

I think the data are bullshit.

I don’t believe there are that many morons, gullible seniors and military voters, ignorant Southerners, nursing home patients, and people in persistent vegetative states in the same nation which elected its first black president in 2008. No – Friggin – Way.

I also don’t buy into the comforting fictions that polls and economic indicators are accurate, computerized voting can’t be hacked, America’s leaders are qualified, and a fat white guy in red is able to sneak into homes in the Bronx every Christmas without getting fucked up.

What’s the difference between me and those who still believe in the current generation of toxic elites and the increasingly undemocratic system they control?

I’ve covered these elites, their companies, their data, their political machinery and their misrepresentations. In person. Face to face. Mano to Opportunistic Sellout.

I’m that fabled Liberal journalist who proudly supports the Liberal concepts of democracy, equality and freedom which America was founded upon. No apologies whatsoever.

Unlike, Trump and his ilk, I don’t need anyone’s approval to do the right thing. And I don’t give a damn what line of bullshit Faux News has programmed into you about Liberals.


Because I know something most Americans don’t: Liberalism has nothing to do with rich hypocrites and everything to do with regicide. As in dead kings.

I also know that every Founding Father was a proud Liberal long before the corrupt Democratic and Republican political machines even existed.

I’ve written the stories for the big news organizations which you have consumed and digested to formulate your views over the past 25 years.

I covered automated voting systems as early as 2001 for The Omaha World-Herald, covered economic indicators for a global audience of financial professionals at Bloomberg News, and was dedicated to covering Jeb Bush and Cory Booker at the national level for Gannett and The Associated Press. Two Wall Street cheerleaders who may very well be facing off in the 2020 presidential race.

They’re not celebrities to me. They’re people who can’t match a shirt with a tie (Jeb) and have to wear fat pants each winter when their thighs explode (Cory).

I also covered the Fortune 500 at a granular level for a global audience. Meaning predatory companies like Wells Fargo, Kinder Morgan and Countrywide Financial – and a far more evil company most people have never heard of named Apollo Global Management. I’ve also written up a ton of surveys and polls for publication.

What did I learn from all those experiences and the access to top newsmakers they gave me?

I learned that the one commonality between most politicians and executives is a commitment to misleading the masses. I also learned that everything – literally everything – is about growing corporate profits now.


Remember when Trump said that the real unemployment rate was 40 percent in August 2015, instead of the official 5.4 percent, when he was campaigning for president?

Well, he was right.

Only problem is he’s still right, because it’s still 40 percent right now. Nothing has changed except that Trump is now using the flawed official rate he disparaged before, which is an improbable 3.9 percent.

America’s current generation of toxic elites and their lackeys rationalize all manner of misconduct behind the idea that they have a legal responsibility to put profits over people – which is called their “fiduciary duty to shareholders” – and that there is no point of diminishing returns for the immoral tactics which help them achieve that dubious goal. Including lying to voters and investors with absolute grinding regularity.

That means whatever you hate will be done to death until the masses spit the bit and stop playing the game, because the Predatory 1 Percent will keep doubling down on whatever appears to work.

That includes celebrities in public office, ruthless female executives doing the same bad things previously done by men, and job destruction behind new tech which accomplishes nothing. Like self driving cars and automated customer service.

Why do we really need self driving cars and trucks, automated customer service, and supermarket self checkout?

It’s not because the humans doing these tasks are creating problems. It’s because cutting labor costs boosts profits.

Why do we need automated voting, which is subject to hacking from both near and far, when old school paper ballots were only subject to physical hacking?

To facilitate million dollar government contracts for those who make political donations.

The same Monkey-See-Monkey-Do corporate mindset is why you are regularly plagued by auto-play videos online, why airlines keep making seats smaller, why you waste a good part of your day on passwords and user IDs, and why a portion of the fast-food “meat” in your tacos and burgers is now sawdust and offal.

Your time means nothing to the terrified people at the top of our political and business worlds. Neither does your health.

Our business and political leaders are not psychopaths. They’re rich cowards, who are too terrified of being tossed into the teeming masses to take a stand for the greater good.

Leadership by example?

They never heard of it.

You know all the sodium in our food supply which is causing people to drop dead from heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension in their 40s and 50s?

That’s about boosting profit growth by reducing spoilage. Somebody made some money by adding a little sodium as a preservative once and the food industry has been doubling down ever since, trying to squeeze another percentage point of savings from a tactic which is literally being done to death.

Why don’t our government food regulators step in and do something?

Same reason they allegedly didn’t stop Monsanto from killing bees or Purdue Pharma from allegedly killing 200,000 Americans with Oxycontin. Because there’s no profit in doing the right thing.

Government regulators work for crooked politicians and our elected officials work for Wall Street elites now. Not the masses.

Remember when Trump bragged about being able to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue without losing any supporters?

Maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he knew something the rest of us did not, which is that his team of criminal lackeys has found a way to game polling data. Just as they found a way to “catch and kill” stories about his extramarital sexual liaisons by having The National Enquirer lock his former partners into exclusive contracts and then publishing nothing.

His polling numbers are too improbable to be true. They remind me of economic data from China in the early 2000s, when the Communist nation was notorious among economic journalists for being manipulated.

You really don’t have to be a genius to figure this out in these Cynical Times people. You just have to be cynical.

If it seems improbable and convenient, it’s probably being manipulated. Just look around.

Does it look like the U.S. economy is balling, or like just the rich are balling?

Does it really look like Main Street is doing well?

Or like Wall Street is doing well while the rest of America is being hollowed out?

How about jobs?

Does everyone in your social circle have a good job?

Or are some of your people working more hours for less, struggling to make ends meet, or unable to find work at all?

Maybe I know what the fuck I’m talking about – yes?

Look, if you can’t trust a cranky, take-no-shit, don’t-give-a-fuck mofo from the Bronx to tell you the truth – even when it hurts your sensitive feelings – who the fuck can you trust?

By the way, you look fat in that dress.



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