Plantation of Texas Cuts Inmate Food


There are a couple old sayings to the effect that you can judge the morality of a man by the way he treats his servants and dogs, and the morality of a society by the way it treats its prisoners. In other words, the folks who can’t hit back.

Fake tough-guy and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has shown that he’s hell on wheels when it comes to bullying those groups. In his latest move, the Texas governor and his administration have ended the practice of serving last meals to inmates about to be legally murdered by The Plantation of Texas. They have also eliminated lunches on Saturdays and Sundays for all state inmates in a ridiculously immoral bid to save $2.8 million. That’s million with an “m.”

Texas will probably spend at least that much defending this move in court.

To put the move in perspective, this is a state with a rainy-day fund that will tally $6.1 billion in December. That’s billion with a “b.”

Texas doesn’t lack the cash, it lacks the heart.

This is the same state that has refused to provide air conditioning to its prison inmates even though summer temperatures there routinely top 100 degrees. The reason?


Perry is a big disappointment to The Cynical Times, because there’s no doubt that he comes from Main Street USA. That said, he’s clearly not a working-class hero. More like the incredibly ambitious types who will do anything to enrich themselves on Wall Street.

This is the guy with the family hunting club that was known as the “Niggerhead.” The slur was used to sell retail products back in the days of lynchings and Jim Crow laws.

It was painted on the side of a large rock at the hunting camp, reportedly until 1991. The camp is still informally known by the moniker.

Which raises a simple question: what kind of experience does Rick Perry have living in a racially diverse America, where whites are not the overwhelming majority and don’t dominate every facet of local business and politics, and where exactly is this piece-of-work from in Texas?

Because this is the kind of stupidity that’s usually reserved for unhinged people raised in white enclaves.

Perry is from an unincorporated town called Paint Creek, in Haskell County. The entire county had about 5,899 people in 2010 according to this U.S. Census Bureau data set.

Guess how many were white?

4,878 (83 percent).

Guess how many were black?

About 218 (3.7 percent).

In other words, not nearly enough to stand up for themselves politically.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Perry is a bully, who picks on any group or person which can’t defend itself. He’s not some kind of John Wayne hero-type standing up for the little guy and for what’s right in the face of an angry mob. He’s the guy leading the mob. A modern-day inquisitor holding a wet finger up in the air to gauge what group can be most lucratively scapegoated next.

This headis the same guy who tried to physically intimidate fellow Republican Ron Paul during one of the presidential debates by stalking across the stage and grabbing his arm. It was Perry’s way of showing that the 76-year-old Paul was too frail to break his grip. Perry is 61.

What kind of trash tries to intimidate a slightly built senior citizen? Only a fake tough-guy.

The Christian evangelical grabbed national headlines when he combined a prayer rally with a political rally in Houston in August. The message being that if you don’t believe in god or pray to him in the same fashion as Perry you don’t count: you’re one of them, not us, and I’m one of us.

What kind of Christian is Perry?

The kind that takes food from those entrusted to his care. The kind that has overseen at least 235 executions as Texas governor – more than any governor in any state in modern times. He’s executed 52 people since Jan. 1, 2009 – 38% of the 136 death sentences carried out nationwide in the span. That compares with the Plantation’s 8 percent share of the national population.

Perry has carried out these state-sanctioned murders despite clear proof that the death penalty system is being administered unfairly and is killing innocent people. So much so the American Bar Association has been calling for a halt to the practice since 2001 – just until the problems can be fixed.

Bottom line, Perry’s a disgrace. He shouldn’t be on the local school board, much less leading the second-largest state in the nation. The fact that he’s been governor since George W. Bush – is the best proof of how badly decent people are outnumbered in Texas these days.

carDear Texans, your state has become the national clown car for unqualified political leadership and Rick Perry has been holding the steering wheel for 11 years now. Is this really the best you can do?

Apologies to readers for the racist imagery in this story. We’re sorry for the shoe polish and klansman photos, too.

They were necessary to prove a point.