The Case for Stripping Trump Morons of the Vote

Should Russian Puppet’s Supporters Lose Citizenship?


It’s a rare and wonderful thing when a highly educated, award-winning, liberal journalist committed to the greater good finds themselves on the same side of an issue as the morons who put Donald Trump in The White House.

The odds of it happening are about as long as finding the NAACP and Klu Klux Klan, PETA and the NRA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and any pro-democacy organization on the same side. I’ve got Reality-TV Star Omarose Onee Manigault-Newman to thank for that.

The professional backstabber, who goes by “Omarosa” in the public forum, is now peddling a tell-all coloring book about the evils of the Moron Presidency. It’s called “Unhinged” and is written entirely in green crayon to make it intellectually accessible to the Trump Morons who still think Donnie Trust Fund is going to Make America Great Again.

There are lots of pics. “Dumbass” is the longest word.

Unhinged claims our 72-year-old Moron-in-Chief reads at an eighth-grade level. He is “just this side of functionally illiterate,” according to the detestable Omarosa, who would be an actress if she were capable of playing anyone but herself and Cruella De Vil.

The words “tell me something I don’t already know” spring to mind.

As the final days of the Moron Presidency wind down, Unhinged poses a vexing question: “What is the proper punishment for the Trump Morons who helped put a Russian puppet in The Oval Office?”




-Public Humiliation?

-Court Ordered Sterilization?

All have their merits. Personally, I favor disenfranchisement and/or public humiliation. Hence this column.

Trump Morons should be stripped of citizenship and the right to vote, and confined to the kids’ table at family reunions.

You know the amusement park signs outside the roller coaster that say “Must Be Taller Than My Hand” to ride?

We should erect them outside polling stations with the words: “Must Be Smarter Than a Trump Moron” to vote.

Sterilization is unnecessary for Trump Morons, because most of them can’t get laid anyway. That’s why they’re so angry.

They’re mostly angry seniors, people in persistent vegetative states, and what’s commonly known as “Incels.” That’s tech shorthand for “involuntary celibates,” which is pretty much who Trump would be if he hadn’t been born into money.

Basically, Trump Morons are the weak links who are being slowly and relentless excluded from the species via natural selection and evolution anyway. Trump gave them hope and a representative moron-leader much like themselves.

The role of presidential back-stabber is a new revenue stream for Omarosa, who previously had confined herself to backstabbing her fellow cast members and African Americans. Much like the character of Thomas in “Django” and Supreme Court Sellout Clarence Thomas.

First, Omarosa got rich by opportunistically pandering to the bigoted trust fund baby in The White House. Now she’s trying to cash in a second time by opportunistically condemning the very same Kountry Klub Kommando in the wake of her expulsion from his Kool Kids Klique in December. 

I have to admit – I now despise her mercenary ass as much as any Trump Moron ever will.


Because Omarosa worked for the piece of shit that is Donald Trump, even though she knew what he was all about. Even though she understood his brands were “open treason” and “class warfare,” he was sowing division among his fellow Americans, and playing Trump Morons for fools to enrich himself.

Omarosa didn’t quit because of the terrible things this bigoted moron said and did. Unhinged indicates she tried to get rich off him instead. Then she tried to tap into what an asshole he was for another payday after he was an asshole to her. 

That’s not good enough for me. I think she and Donnie Bagadonuts both belong in jail. However, I’ll accept exile instead.


I’m thinking the Dry Tortugas, off the tip of South Florida, which have no potable water. She and Donnie Moron can make like contestants on the Reality TV-Show “Survivor.” Each contestant gets one tool or special item.

Here’s a tip Sir Trumpalot: You’re going to want to go with the SBF 30 Sunscreen. Bigtime.

Sure, Trump is addled garbage with a tenuous connection to reality. However, Omarosa may be even worse, because she knows what time it is. She knew Donnie Bagadonuts was a vain moron with fatally flawed judgment, but joined the team which helped get him elected anyway.

Out for self, much?

Like Omarosa, Trump Morons were really celebrating themselves by supporting Donnie Draft Evader. They were championing an informal American caste system with them in an elevated class of their own. Even though caste systems are inherently incompatible with the liberal principles of democracy, equality, and freedom the United States was founded upon.

All the Founding Fathers were liberals, because liberalism is the polar opposite of the hereditary wealth and power of absolute monarchy. Like the British King who was subjecting us to “taxation without representation” in 1776. In much the same way today’s Wall Street royals are now subjecting us to “taxation without representation” by Trump and his corrupt peers in the veritable “House of Lords” our Congress has become.

If you thought liberalism was a euphemism for rich hypocrisy you can have a seat at the kids’ table too. Beside the other morons who get their “news” from the Fox propaganda drip.

Trump Morons embraced the moronic idea that ignorance was actually cool. Their rationale was that the U.S. was a better country with an abortion of a human being like Donnie Bagadonuts at the helm.

Trump Morons thought those Americans who didn’t enjoy reading and possessed little interest in self-improvement should be readily accepted as experts in politics and news. In much the same way bigots become Asian experts by eating Ramen Noodles, Jewish experts by saying “Shalom,” and black experts by watching “Roots.”

Which is to say, “people with no real expertise at all.”

How’s that for clueless and delusional?

The Moron Presidency has exposed the inherent faults of this fatally flawed rationale. So much so that it makes a compelling case for the idea that Trump Morons should neither be allowed to hold elected office nor to vote. Ever again.

It also makes a case for the tyranny of intelligent people.

Like say the need for an oligarchy based solely on smarts, rather than wealth, social standing or shameless lackeyism.

One where intelligent people like me are the only empowered citizens. Preferably those with college degrees.

The painful truth is that a whole bunch of no-talent fame whores – just like Trump and Omarosa – thought having a moron in The Oval Office proved education, intelligence and specialized experience in politics and news were overrated. 

They were wrong, and not by a little.

The Trump Morons who put this piece of shit in The Oval Office are too stupid to ever be allowed to ever vote again. There’s also a compelling supremacist/eugenics argument for their not being allowed to reproduce, lest they pollute the species further with their moron genes.

However, being a Liberal, I’m not going to explore it.

The current Moron Presidency should be a cautionary tale for those who want to replace our representative democracy with an American caste system – just like Trump.

We can either have a real democracy again in which Blacks, Hispanics, Muslim immigrants, Jews, and women are the social equal of Trump Morons in every state and community, or we can have an intelligence oligarchy with he and his fellow Incels at the bottom.


Because one unDemocratic caste system deserves another.

People who have confined their intellectual expansion to video games, makeup, working the door at an after-hours club, and ruthlessly exploiting their fellow human beings don’t suddenly morph into experts in politics and news after watching a Youtube video. Any more than I became a certified auto mechanic after using a YouTube video to replace a wheel bearing.

What’s the moral of the story?

It’s time for Trump Morons to crawl back under their moron rocks.


Because they’re exactly who we thought they were.



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