Model Stands By Her Tyrant


Apparently, there is no love like the love of a self-centered model for a wealthy suitor. It’s stronger than terrorism, mass murder, the torture of thousands of countrymen and women, and the transformation of an entire nation into a plantation.

In fact, this kind of greed is so powerful that Telefonica Germany canceled its advertising contract with Vanessa Hessler, after the 23-year-old Italian-American model recently pined publicly for her passionate relationship with Muatassim Gadhafi (left), whose daddy Moammar ruled Libya through torture and terror for 42 years. Both men were shot to death this month by their adoring subjects.
Hessler also heaped praise on the Gadhafi family.

Don’t worry Vanessa, we understand that you’re really the victim here. Perhaps you can find some comfort from the knowledge that North Korean despot Kim Il Jong and his pampered brood of silver spoons are still alive and well.

Never fear, you’ll find another sadistic tyrant to love.