#MeToo is Trumpish Identity Politics in Lipstick and Heels

The Cynical Times Opposes The New Lynch Mob Mentality of Traditional Victim Groups

Today’s five-word headline in The Washington Post encapsulates everything wrong with the primitive tribalism of identity politics now poisoning America. It asks “Do We Really Believe Women?”

As if the only possible path to justice is either a sweeping “yes” or a sweeping “no.”

This poisonous screed seeks to establish a moral basis for the lynch mob justice of  The Me Too Movement. Along the way, it abandons the inherent equality of liberalism and feminism for the group supremacy of outright fascism.

Columnist Monica Hesse might just as well be asking us: 

-Do We Really Believe Everyone Arrested is Guilty?

-Do We Really Believe All Children Are Angels?

-Do We Really Believe “No” Always Means “No?

-Do We Really Believe Abortion is Murder?

-Do We Really Believe Guns Don’t Kill People?

-Do We Really Believe Everything is Bigger in Texas?

-Do We Really Believe Verizon Has No Hidden Fees?

-Do We Really Believe The Ends Justify The Means?

-Do We Really Believe Women Need This Much Help?

-Do We Really Believe Simplistic Slogans are Useful Substitutes for Independent Thought?

If you answered “yes” to any question above I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. It’s practically brand new. Previous owner is Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse, who rarely ventures outside America’s privilege bubbles into the real world.

She doesn’t realize the correct answer to the primitive tribal garbage of identity politics is a resounding “no.” Every time.


Because people are individuals. Not robots. 

There is no elusive tribal justification for either the repression or the elevation of those of us with external or internal genitalia. Just as there isn’t for melanin.

To suggest all members of any group should be uniformly believed, obeyed, or socially elevated is Trumpish bullshit.

It is the path to fascism, whereby the majority is allowed to present themselves as victims of their own privileged choices.

#MeToo is no different in that respect than the primitive tribal poison which underpinned the discredited science of eugenics in the nearly 1900s. Eugenics provided the legal basis for Jim Crow, Apartheid, The Holocaust, the forced removal and reeducation of indigenous American and Australian children, and the forced sterilization of more than 60,000 American blacks.

What joy, huh?

What kind of simple sonofabitches would want to do that again?

The kind of fake progressive who thinks the ends justifies the means and is willing to embrace fascism to defeat fascism. Which is to say posers like Monica Hesse.

The very same kind of people who championed the debunked medical diagnosis of female hysteria, which stigmatized female sexuality as mental illness in the 1700s and 1800s. Hysteria leveraged group bias and sexual repression into needless hysterectomy operations and cloaked digital stimulation in the guise of medicine.

Who wants to do that again – show of hands?

This kind of systematic group bias is akin to the social caste system India is struggling to outgrow. Along with the toxic idea people should be judged by group birth instead of individual choices.

The Me Too Movement is no different. It’s group supremacy and lynch mob justice camouflaged as liberalism and feminism, even though neither is even remotely compatible with the primitive tribalism of identity politics.

A textbook example of becoming the very thing you claim to hate.  

The traditional goal of feminism is gender equality. The traditional goals of Liberalism are equality, freedom, and democracy.

There is no caveat for abandoning those core progressive principles as needed.

#MeToo and Monica Hesse are not about eliminating the American caste system. They’re about replacing the dominant group with their own.

That’s not good enough for me as a proud feminist and liberal.

Eliminating the caste system is why Progressive white men like me supported The Civil Rights Movement and The Equal Rights Movement; elected America’s first black president in 2008; and re-elected him in 2012.

That’s also why so many of us sat on their hands in the face of Hillary’s shameless identity politics, political corruption, Wall Street cheerleading and economic elitism in 2016. We processed her demonization of straight white men – especially working class men – as a form of supremacy. Not equality.

And rightfully so, given her implication that working class progressive men morphed into Klansmen in 2016.

#MeToo is making the very same mistake, by embracing retributive justice and group supremacy in lieu of equality and peaceful coexistence. It supports the concept of the elevated female victim, who is wealthy and famous. While turning a blind eye to the tyranny of the Predatory 1 Percent experienced by every other demographic.

Painful Truth No. 8.934 Gazillion: People lie. Some more than others.

See Donnie Bagadonuts.

That’s why we have a justice system with set standards and procedures for due process. It’s also why we’re still waiting for the vast majority of #MeToo’s alleged villains to be arrested, much less convicted.

Most never will be because their only crime is being a heterosexual male.

Painful Truth No. 8.935 Gazillion: About 60 percent of the people arrested for homicide in the U.S. wind up being released.

To suggest #Me Too’s track record is any better, much less perfect, is a knowing lie. However, that’s what “Do You Really Believe Women” is all about.

It’s about pressuring you to lower your standards of accountability for women, because they’re a privileged caste. That way, those who slept with a rich cretin years ago can recast themselves as victims and their co-conspirators as villains and escape accountability for their own poor judgement.

What else could it be?

Option No. 2 is that both sex partners were just opportunistic garbage, who gamed their way to their respective goals by trading on their good looks, family names, wealth or industry standing. Instead of letting their own talent, innate charm, intelligence and hard work determine their fate.

In short, they cheated. While the rest of us were laboring away  on the mythical “level playing field” of The American Dream.

What #MeToo and Monica Hesse are really seeking via “Do You Really Believe Women” is blind obedience. Just like The Moron President and his Make America Great Again bullshit. 

The blatant group supremacy of #MeToo is a lot closer to the bigotry of Donald Trump than it is to democracy, and its supporters are closer to trumplickers and fascists than traditional liberals and feminists.

Monica Hesse would posit that all of law enforcement opposes #MeToo. Hence the movement’s poor track record.

However, I live in the real world where some law enforcement officers are Liberals and some are Conservatives, and some victims are real and some victims are opportunistic trash.

Like say Tawana Brawley, the 15-year-old girl who turned New York City into a racial power-keg 1987 by accusing four white men of raping her, smearing her body in feces and then scrawling the words “KKK,” “nigger,” and bitch on her torso in charcoal.

Who would do such a thing?
Turned out she would, to escape accountability for spending the night with a boyfriend.

Who benefited?

The politician looking to make a name for himself as her spiritual adviser. The Tawana Brawley Show turned Al Sharpton into a national figure.

What did the rest of us get out of it?

Not a damn thing.

When Me Too tries to recast Brawley as a victim of those who believed her allegations, to support its “Do We Really Believe Women” mantra, you’ll know the movement of rich sex traders has officially lost its mind.

Real victims of rape and group bias are hurt by false allegations, which dilute society’s response to their very legitimate suffering.

Does the Brawley lie mean all victims of sex abuse are lying?

Absolutely not. 

It means some are telling the truth and some aren’t. Just like the big bank executives who claimed to be victims of over-regulation prior to the global economic meltdown they triggered in 2007.

That’s why we have to take these allegations of sexual impropriety one at a time. Instead of embracing the across-the-board shortcuts of lynch mob justice.

The same agony of thought requires that we not equate all accusers with #MeToo’s Monica Lewinsky. The little rich girl who went from unknown to celebrity by swapping bodily fluids with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

Lewinsky found a way to reclaim the spotlight this year, after a 22 year hiatus, by recasting herself as a retrospective victim.

My personal belief is that some of the allegations of sexual coercion being made by #MeToo are true, because I’ve seen the rich and powerful peddle their contacts and influence to the ambitious and materialistic. However, I also know that the very same sex traders who game systems to advance their careers by sleeping with socially awkward bosses, and aging lotharios, are not above gaming them a second time by crying wolf years later. Especially when there’s nothing to be lost by doing so.

They’re no different in that respect than the porn stars who become reborn Christians after they stop being employable in the sex industry. 

I’m not giving those unprincipled sonsabitches a free ride.

No. Fucking. Way.


Leveling hypocrites with principled people is the same as leveling principled people with hypocrites. False equivalency works down as well as up, lowering the good even as it elevates the bad.

To suggest an actress who engages in a fling with a cretin like Harvey Weinstein had to do it to land a part assumes she did not have the option of walking away. Or that no one else has ever landed a part without prostituting themselves.

Which is what decent people do all the time. Especially when they have talent.

“Crying wolf” is not the same thing as being a real victim in a world that elevates victims.

Regardless of whether opportunistic entities like #MeToo or Al Sharpton or Donald Trump – he of the fake news and deep state conspiracies – want us to believe it is.

To suggest otherwise via simplistic slogans like “Do You Believe Women” is to embrace the social caste system at the heart of the identity politics of Trump and #MeToo. Which afflict our nation like cancer.

For a long time, we’ve viewed the Me Too Movement with mixed feelings at The Cynical Times. Even as we hated on Donnie Trust Fund.

No more.

While its enemies are our enemies for the most part, #MeToo’s tactics and principles are not our tactics and principles. 

The Cynical Times opposes the inherent group supremacy of #MeToo. Which elevates rich and famous women above all others, while turning a blind eye to the suffering of the masses at the hands of the same predatory executives. This elitist garbage is neither our idea of a proper Feminist organization nor a proper Liberal organization.

That’s not the false equivalency of forensic debate. That’s the real equivalency of painful truths.

Just say “no” to #MeToo, Donnie Trust Fund and the group supremacy of identity politics.


Because America can do better.


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