The Knowing Bullshit of Trump’s Border Wall


Workers in the United States don’t need a border wall to protect us from hardworking Mexicans making $8 a day. 

All we need to preserve our living standard is for U.S. employers who hire illegals to be subject to negative consequences. Right now, the criteria is that they don’t have to be “documents experts.” Which means that if an employer hires someone with a green card written in crayon it’s not their fault.

The illegal gets deported. The employer walks away and hires another illegal a day later.

All of which brings us back to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s longstanding support for a U.S. labor market where employers can hire non-Americans at will. Thereby screwing over U.S. workers and their families. Again.
The Chamber supports an expanded Guestworker program allowing foreign workers to legally receive slave wages within our borders. Thereby leveling their fellow Americans with the workers of low-wage nations like China and Mexico.

If President Elect Donnie Rump builds his wall, the Fortune 500 will simply begin using that Guestworker Program to bring in their slave labor legally. Thereby reducing wages for the faltering middle class. Again.

Get it?

The debate against dark skinned immigration (versus Canadian immigration) is just another divide and conquer tactic by the Country Club set.

Ifbank21 you work for a living the Chamber and the Predatory 1 Percent is the enemy. Not some poor schmuck from Juarez, Mexico, who is just trying to feed their kids

You know who the Predatory 1 Percent’s best ally is?

Dumb motherfuckers from hardworking families who think that if they kiss rich ass and screw over their fellow workers they will somehow become part of the cool kids clique. That’s akin to the Octomom thinking cosmetic surgery could turn her into Angelina Jolie.

To summarize: It’s dumb dumb, dumb, and dumb.

If you’re a political conservative then you’re familiar with the nonsensical narrative about how poor people are too lazy to leave hurricane landfall areas ahead of time. How could the same people possibly be traveling thousands of miles to a distant land where they don’t speak the language and everything is many times more expensive, without a job waiting for them here?

If you really believe the bullshit narratives about dep8poor people choosing to remain in vulnerable, coastal areas during hurricanes and Mexican workers coming up here with neither a job nor a dollar to their name then maybe you do deserve to be conned by predatory lenders.

The painful truth is no one stays in hurricane landfall areas out of laziness. There are two reasons people do this. The first one is stupidity. The second is poverty.

The same factors are at work when working people vote for either of the two political parties controlled by Wall Street. 

I’ve covered 15 hurricanes in the field and experience has taught me that the No. 1 reason the poor stay behind in vulnerable areas during hurricanes is simply because they cannot afford the gasoline, lost wages and lodging expenses associated with moving inland for a few days. So they hunker down in their homes instead and pray for the best.

The same math applies to poor Mexicans looking for jobs in expensive societies like the U.S. They don’t come up here on spec. They come up here because a corporate recruiter in Mexico assured them a job was waiting for them.

Wal-Mart and the meatpacking plants of the Midwest were bringing illegals up from Mexico by the busload when I was covering this issue in 2000-2002 for The Omaha World-Herald.

All ofdiv4 which means the enemy of America’s embattled workers is not some poor Mexican making $8 a day for the Driscoll’s Farms and FreshPak brands that fill our warehouse stores with fresh produce. It’s our own political aristocracy, which off-shores our jobs to low-wage nations and invites their exploited citizens to come here and work for peanuts.

If you want to hate someone for hurting you, hate the country club set. We’re not even people to most of them. We’re equipment.

My dad used to illustrate this for me via story about a conversation he overheard between two Oklahoma oil men in the 1960s when he was flying home to the Bronx from Tulsa to see his mom. Being an employee of American Airlines, he was riding a row behind them in First Class. AKA “Rich Class.”

A pair of union steelworkers were also seated there, with their wives and kids. The group was headed to New York City for vacation.

“You can’t tell the difference between them and us any more,” one oilman quietly remarked to the other.

OWS99And that is what the 1 Percent’s War on Workers is all about.

It’s just not as much fun to be rich, and stupid, unless you can lord it over someone else. Being rich is just as much about social standing as purchasing power.

The rich are not your friends if you work for a living. 

You will never be one of them. No matter how much ass you kiss.

I spent a month in Baja Mexico in 2015 and the hardworking people there were really good to us. A lot better than we are to them up here.

My friends and I were packing up after a night on the beach when a the wealthy manager of 13 local farms approached us in an expensive car. He warned us that farmworkers making $8 a day would be marching down the Peninsula’s only paved highway the next day.

“Stay away from the main road tomorrow,” he said. “They’ll attack you, burn your car. Kill you.”

What bullshit.protest

We were able to pass through without incident on the dirt shoulder. The march was entirely peaceful. There’s some video of it to the right. Just click the pic to play it.

Bottom line, there is nothing to fear from our fellow workers to the South. They want exactly what we want: The love of a good spouse, a cold beer on a hot day, affordable food and housing, a peaceful life, and public education for their children.

If you need to hate somebody hate the right people. In the United States, they belong to County Clubs and send their kids to private school.

Just like Donnie Rump and Hillary Clinton.


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