Hillary tries to hijack resistance movement


Hillary Clinton continued to defy expectations this week by shamelessly claiming allegiance with the resistance movement targeting her Wall Street paymasters.

The awkward power grab came at a time when many Americans thought the former presidential candidate couldn’t possibly be more despised by the poor and faltering middle class. Or more out of touch.

Against all odds, Hillary found a way. Just as the heavily favored corporate sellout found a way to lose the race for The White House to Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2016.

“I am now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance,” Hillary said, looking around warily – as if daring anyone to suggest otherwise.

The rich Democrat made the declaration during a choreographed “town hall” appearance with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on May 2. Hillary sought to narrow the targets of the “resistance” from the savage capitalism of the big banks and multinationals who comprise the Predatory 1 Percent (P1P), and support both political parties, to the unpopular Trump.  

Only one problem: Hillary and Trump both work for P1P. So much so that the list of their top donors reads like a veritable who’s who of the Fortune 100.

Hillary’s supporters include five of the world’s eight wealthiest people: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos,  Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim. A group whose disgraceful wealth is equivalent to that of half the world’s 7.5 billion people, according to Oxfam.

CNN’s ethically comsheeppromised political reporting team gave Clinton a free ride in its coverage of the event. Their article about her town hall didn’t feature a single opposing view. It also failed to disclose that CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, has donated $971,369 to Hillary‘s various campaigns. 

Hillary is fast becoming the political equivalent of the Washington Generals – the hapless basketball team which serves as designated losers to the Harlem Globetrotters. The opportunistic 69-year-old is the poster child for everything that’s wrong with the self-appointed political aristocracy in DC and the self-described “Masters of the Universe” of Wall Street, at least from the perspective of the poor and faltering middle class. 

Instead of aiding us against the Predatory 1 Percent, she’s trying to “reinvent” herself by co-opting resistance to her Wall Street benefactors.

meme999Never mind that she and her husband collected $153 million in protection payments from Wall Street in the guise of excessive speaking fees in one of the most egregious examples of political corruption in U.S. history.

Hillary still claims to represent you and me. She puts her $14,000 designer outfits on one leg at a time, just like we do.

However, the only group Hillary truly appears to represent are the wealthy political hookers who now infest the U.S. Congress. The 535 members of this disgraceful body have an average net worth of $2.05 million. That compares with about $52,000 for the typical American and less than $10,000 for Millennials.

So much for representative democracy.

Hillary would like us to believe she is just as frustrated as we are with her neighbors in the privilege bubbles, her friends in the country clubs, her peers in Congress, and the Wall Street executives who lavish insider trading tips upon her. She says her Republican opponents are no better, which is true.

However, it’s also true that both the corrupt Republican Party and the corrupt Democratic Party are now in the same business, which is selling political protection to big banks and multinational trusts. They don’t care a whit about representative democracy in the Brave New World of savage capitalism

Just as phillublicly traded companies no longer give a whit about customer satisfaction because they’re in the stock manipulation game now.

Hillary’s latest gambit is to divert the scarce political resources of the poor and faltering middle class into her own bank account. She plans to do this by co-opting the “resistance” brand via her own “nonprofit” Political Action Committee.

That way she can reward the groups and individuals who challenge the Trump Crooktocracy and lend credibility to her knowing lies. 

It’s the latest in a long line of fake charities and nonprofits for Clinton and her husband. They used their own family charity to facilitate a political protection racket of mammoth proportions while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

It’s been a disastrous month for the useful fiction that Democrats differ from Republicans and somehow represent something good and decent in America.

Clinton’s bid to create a new political revenue stream comes on the heels of two $400,000 paydays for outgoing President Barack Obama. One from the Disney news and entertainment trust and the other from the Cantor Fitzgerald investment bank.
What better way to emphasize who the party really represents?

“The payout to Obama proves that the big money people ultimately can live with Republicans or Democrats,” Margaret Kimberly wrote in The Black Agenda Report. “Why shouldn’t they? They get what they want no matter who is in power.”

The P1P have a fictional political narrative some weak minds in the poor and faltering middle class really dig, which is that the global showdown is between bigots and progressives.

It’s not.

It’s between the big banks and multinational trusts on one side and the poor and faltering middle class on the other. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

What’sl17 at stake?


So where do the bigots come in?

Predatory elites are wiling to resurrect racist and nationalist groups if it distracts the rest of us from their real agenda, which is debt enslavement of the poor and faltering middle class via globalization without labor protections.

P1P is now advancing that cynical agenda via two knowing lies.

The first is that when they shift jobs from developed nations, like the U.S. and Germany, to low-wage nations like China and Mexico, they’re lifting people out of poverty. When what they’re really doing is bringing wages in developed nations down to enhance corporate profit growth.

The second lie is that all automation is good. When in fact some automation is good and some is not.

Case in point, crooksthe impending demise of brick and mortar retail stores in the U.S., which threatens 41 million jobs, and the rise of self driving technology, which threatens another 4.4 million. Numbers which are conveniently omitted from most mainstream news stories about automation. As is the fact that they represent more than a third of all remaining jobs in this fading nation.

P1P is trying to convince us that the poser Progressives who work for them in the Democratic Party, like Hillary and Obama, are the opponents of conservatives like Donnie Trump and Mitch McConnell. Who also work for them.

When the banks succeed in advancing this fictional narrative they become like arms dealers, who win no matter who wages war against who. Just as they have in every federal election since 1996.

Identifying the posers is easy: they receive big bribes in plain sight from the P1P via excessive speaking fees, charitable donations, insider trading tips and corporate board positions.

Right now, the banks control both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Who represents the poor and faltering middle class?

teaNo one.

We haven’t been relevant for 20 years because of the weak minds among us who really think they can oppose P1P through the Republican or Democratic parties it owns.

They’re too dumb to love for anyone but the P1P.


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