Filmgoers Blind to Idiocracy’s Pro-Eugenics Message


Apparently, there are a bunch of educated idiots in the United States who are ignorant of the discredited science of eugenics, why it’s bad, or how the flick “Idiocracy” resurrects it by erroneously implying race mixing is dumbing our society down.

Ironically, their ranks also include the writers and producers of this fatally flawed 2006 film. As well as the Democratic political strategists who hope to use it to highlight the ignorance of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Dems see Idiocracy as some kind of prescient documentary, foreshadowing the current presidential race between two of the most unpopular candidates in U.S. history. They’re bringing it back to theaters Oct. 4 – both literally and figuratively – in a misguided effort to emphasize how America is becoming more idiotic with each passing year.

Sadly, there own ignorance is part of the story. They are blissfully unaware of the underlying racism of the film’s association of racial mixing with devolution, which is the basis of eugenics.

Rarely has any form of media been quite so inaccurately named, with the possible exception of Alanis Morissette’s 1996 hit song “Ironic,” which cites a litany of unfortunate events – none of them ironic.

Please allow me to school you unwitting Klansmen for a minute about our nation’s ugly legacy of eugenics and how this discredited branch of science is embraced by Idiocracy.

Eugenics lent a scientific basis to racism and classism from the 1890s through World War II.

State eugenics boards in 32 states forcibly sterilized more than 60,000 Americans from 1929 to 1973. This bogus science formed the basis for European colonialism, the Holocaust, Apartheid, the Nazi’s Master Race theory, laws banning interracial marriage, racism in the U.S. military, American imperialism and our racist immigration policies.

Basically, lots and lots of evil stuff.

That’s why it’s not taught college any more and widely ignored by the mainstream news media.

Eugenics was a scientific attempt by racists and the wealthy to use anatomical measurements to prove other ethnic and racial groups were inferior to their own. They measured everything from nose width to skull size to dick circumference (fully erect, not flaccid).

Coincidentally, the people taking the measurements were invariably affluent Nordic-Americans. Their ideal measurements were invariably their own. No idea why.

(blank stare)

So yeah, if you’re one of the educated idiots who think the world of Idiocracy you need to ponder whether you really want to bring this kind of thing back. Especially if you’re a descendant of one or more of the groups eugenics deemed inferior. Like say someone Irish, Italian, Native American, Hispanic, Black, Jewish, Asian, Catholic, Muslim, Russian, Polish or Eastern European.

What better way to prove White Supremacists right about the inferiority of non-Nordics than to unwittingly celebrate a debunked science that targets you and yours, and inspired the Nazis’ racial cleansing death machines. Right?

How about a film which unwittingly accomplishes exactly the same thing by depicting a future America that looks like biracial Brazil, in which IQs coincidentally have fallen off a cliff?

That’s a pic of future America’s president in Idiocracy at right. Don’t feel bad – he’s not real smart either.

Just a little racist? 

Or a lot?

(blank stare)

The folks at the white supremacist publication “The End of Zion” are also big fans of Idiocracy. Their glowing review of it includes a lengthy discussion of whether or not the co-writers were aware of its positive eugenics message. In the end, they seemed to conclude that it doesn’t really matter.

They’re a lot smarter than the useful idiots who want to bring Idiocracy back in that respect.

Here’s an excerpt from The End of Zion’s review for those of you who still haven’t figured this out:

“One of the rare examples of a Hollywood movie that is genuinely good and actually has a powerful, positive message that touches on an important social issue is the 2006 movie Idiocracy,” Zion wrote. “The future is populated by a coffee-colored mass of, well, idiots, due to hundreds of years of dysgenic down-breeding.”

So, you’re in fairly poor company if you love this idiotic flick. On the bright side, you’re also generating quite a bit of entertainment for them.

Good on you for that. Never forget that White Supremacists are people too, and they have needs. They enjoy a good laugh at your expense just as much as the next Aryan Superman.

If  that’s not enough moral confusion for one column, please try to get your head around the reality that eugenics is widely condemned, rejected and despised by the proper Nordic nations of modern Scandinavia. Which kinda proves their rejected superiority. 

(blank stare)

I’m sorry, what?

Did you say something? 

Eugenics was widely embraced by officers in the U.S. military prior to World War II to justify supremacist bullshit like our military occupation of the Philippines. This occurred at a time when our Officer Corps was overwhelmingly White Anglo Saxon Protestant. 

Again, no idea why the members of one group would deem themselves superior to all others. This form of primitive collective mental masturbation is so rare in the history of chosen people and Godlike rulers.

(blank stare)


Americans were so infatuated with ourselves after we won the Spanish American War in 1898 that we made ourselves the new overlords of its far-flung colonial empire. Meaning that after we “liberated” the hell out of places like The Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba we enslaved the hell out of their native populations again in the name of liberty, eugenics and captive markets for U.S. consumer goods.

In fact, we’re so proud of ourselves for massacring thousands of Philippino and Samoan patriots struggling heroically against great odds for their own independence that we don’t even talk about it in our high school history texts. Same goes for invading Haiti and the Dominican Republic on behalf of fruit and sugar interests like 30 times.

We did this cause we’re so modest and humble. No one is more modest and humble than US, except maybe billionaire silver spoon Donald Trump. That’s why we’re about to elect the preferred candidate of nine out of 10 white supremacists as our answer to the tyranny of overwhelmingly white monied interests.

And that’s why Trump’s critics, who bemoan his popularity with the racists who love Idiocracy, think this hot mess is a commentary of some type on his unfortunate candidacy.

Meaning the film. Not Donnie Trustfund.

(blank stare)

Yeah, really.

You folks are that fucking dumb.

When I first devoted my life to public service journalism I did so with a firm belief in the wisdom of crowds. If the current presidential race has taught me anything – it’s that I was very, very wrong.

Probably because I’m only a quarter Swedish. If I was all Swedish this kind of shit wouldn’t happen to me.

(blank stare)

The amazing popularity of Idiocracy is even more astounding given how many of its biggest fans are unaware of the sordid history of group bias which eugenics has legitimized against their parents and grandparents in our nation. 

Don’t look for anything about our domestic eugenics program in our history textbooks either, even though the Nazis took their cue from us on this supremacist garbage. Apparently, we’re not proud of that.

More than 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized from 1929 to 1973, according to the University of Virginia. More than 7,000 people were forcibly sterilized by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina alone – most of them poor and black. The state is now paying reparations to the survivors.

I shit you not.

It’s not something North Carolina brags about when the states get together for a family picnic.

By 1928 there were 376 separate university courses with eugenics in the curriculum. Forced sterilization was our Final Solution to America’s eugenics challenge. It occurred in 32 other states in all, with California sterilizing the most people.  

After the Nazis rose to power in Germany, there were 2,000 publications in that nation devoted to pondering the Jewish Question. They eventually formulated a Final Solution of their own to this eugenics challenge. One which claimed the lives of 6 million Jews.

Eugenics was as much about social class as race and ethnicity in the U.S. It served as a salve for silver spoon mofos who did’t want to have to wonder why they deserved to be born into privilege while others struggled for basic survival. 

Our military officers were taught eugenics at places like West Point and The U.S. Army College prior to World War II. They used to like to brag about how one American soldier of Nordic stock was worth any ten Phillipinos, just as their Confederate counterparts liked to brag about how one southern gentleman was the equivalent of any 10 African American slaves in a fight.

Which explains the longstanding stranglehold Southern whites of Nordic extraction have exerted in the world of professional boxing.

(blank stare)

Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Max Bayer, Rocky Marciano, Tommy Hearns, Boom Boom Mancini, Marvin Hagler, Hector Camacho, Roberto Duran, Mickey Ward, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Leonard – all Southern whites. Cause blacks, Jews, Italians have no stomach for combat, according to eugenics.

Again, I shit you not.

OK, maybe a little bit.

Clearly, the self-serving, inbred nonsense of eugenics is something you want to be part of as an American of Latino or Black ancestry. That’s why you’re a fan of Idiocracy and eugenics.


Same goes for Jews.

The U.S. military attaches in our foreign embassies routinely included eugenics in their intelligence reports prior to World War II. They used its “known scientific facts” to explain why violence against Jews was being exaggerated by members of my “clever, lying, and unmilitaristic” race in places like Russia, Poland and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.


What pogroms?

Jews run the world. Secretly.

So secretly we don’t even know it.

Case in point, my family. We chose to live in the Bronx from 1905 to 1992 to conceal our billions in Jew Gold. How clever is that?

The inherent group weakness of Jews is also the reason why so many American military officers predicted Israel’s hapless defenders would be overwhelmed militarily by the numerically superior Arab states which attacked the new Jewish state in 1948. They knew Jews wouldn’t fight.

No idea why Israel still exists today. We must have bought off the Saudis with our Jew gold. Or some deli takeout.

(blank stare)

Eugenics also played a key role in domestic counter-terrorism operations prior to World War II by our nation’s affluent white military officer corps. They associated Jews and Italians with Communism and Socialism – nevermind that socialism started in Nordic Sweden.

These Nativist officers claimed it was a “known fact” members of both immigrant groups were problematic because they could not be assimilated.

It wasn’t our fault, according to them. We couldn’t help that our skulls and brains were so goddamned small.

Makes you wonder how Albert Einstein ever managed to formulate the theory of relativity with his tiny Jew brain or how the “unmilitary” Italians ever managed to produce a Roman Empire that conquered the known world back in the day.

Must have been some proper Nordics in the woodpile.

(blank stare)

Eugenics’ known facts were also the basis for efforts to limit immigration from places like Asia, Africa and the non-Nordic nations of Europe prior to WWII. Especially Russia and Poland, whose people were supposed to be violent and stupid.

So unlike ourselves.

(blank stare)

The seemingly legitimate racism of eugenics reached its pinnacle in the U.S. with the 1924 Immigration Act, which included the National Origins Act and the Asian Exclusion Act. Legislation specifically aimed at people of Chinese and Japanese stock. Military officers lobbied hard for the legislation to prevent “inferior stock” from eastern and southern Europe from contaminating the U.S. 

The Act also sharply curtailed immigration by European Jews in the run-up to World War II. No doubt resulting in millions of additional deaths in the gas chambers of The Third Reich

So yeah, Idiocracy is an amazing film that celebrates this kind of nonsense. Nevermind that the larger gene pool produced by race mixing would have a lower rate of genetic defects. Cause that’s how genetics works.

Boy, you guys who think Idiocracy is the Bees Knees sure are smart.

Not only that but you achieved your place in the world all by yourselves.

No one in your group ever fought against group bias back in the day so you could be biased and ignorant today.

(blank stare)

The far right loves to lament the infectious liberal satire of shows like The Daily Show and now defunct Colbert Report, while advancing the useful fiction it has no comedic champion of its own.

That’s not true.

Mike Judge (left), the writer behind Idiocracy and the Goode Family liberal-bashing TV series, is their champion. Whether he knows it or not.

Etan Coen, the Israeli-American who co-wrote Idiocracy, is right up there with him.

“I never expected Idiocracy to become a documentary,” Coen said in February, in a self aggrandizing allusion to the 2016 presidential race which has to rank as one of the most narcissistic tweets in Twitter history.

Coen and Judge love to revel in the idea that they’ve evolved from opportunist entertainers into social satirists. However, they don’t like to discuss the unavoidable eugenics tie-in with Idiocracy.

Apparently, they only do benefits. Not burdens. Like most of the 1 percent in this nation. 

According to these two funnymen, what ails our nation right now is race mixing. It’s not political corruption, Wall Street greed, or the Oligarchy of 1 Percent Country Club trash like the Clinton, Bushes, Rockefellers, Bloombergs and Trumps.

It’s not treasonous corporate profit growth, for-profit medicine, payday lending, for-profit colleges, mortgage fraud and a form of globalization with no labor protections or government regulation. The kind of globalization which gives all the benefits to the investor class and all the burdens to workers, thereby leveling unfortunate U.S. workers with their counterparts in low-wage nations like Vietnam, China and Mexico.

What joy.

Those messages are often present in Judges and Coen’s other work. However, they’re either missing altogether or subdued in Idiocracy. The film features a central cause and effect of race mixing and intellectual devolution.

Those of you who think Idiocracy is prescient are even more idiotic if you’re a member of one of the groups traditionally targeted by eugenics – like Coen.

Such people clearly should not be allowed to breed. Lest they poison the precious blood stock of The Holy Roman American Corporate Empire.

The painful truth is that if you’re not of Nordic stock and you’re still somehow a fan of Idiocracy, the joke’s on you. Because you’re the show.

Whether you know it or not.


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