Deficit Reduction Committee Raking in “Donations”


The 12 members of Congress’ deficit reduction committee are experiencing a windfall in political donations.

They’ve received more than $300,000 from 93 special interests in the six weeks since their appointments, according to an analysis of FEC data by iWatch News. More than a third of the money has come from health-related interests, which helped create the deficit by boosting their revenue from the Medicare and Medicaid government health programs.

The bipartisan committee is supposed to be exploring the possibility of reining in our nation’s runaway blood money industry, whose ability to game our pay-to-play government has crimped domestic job creation. Health care costs have grown faster than both salaries and all other business expenses the past 10 years and show no signs of abating, prompting many companies based in the United States to add employees overseas rather than at home.

Unfortunately, it appears that committee’s real agenda is to determine how much they can squeeze from health care by way of political donations in exchange for screwing the rest of us over by doing nothing. Active and retired members of Congress have their own health care system. Medicaid or Medicare are for the little people – the other 99%.

iWatch News says the committe’s Republicans have received 84 donations for $181,000 and its Democrats have received 63 donations totaling $121,000. None of them have refused so much as a wooden nickel of the money, which suggests they’re going to provide the desired service it’s meant to purchase.

Health and pharmaceutical companies made up at least $111,500 of the donations.

The analysis covered Aug. 11, the day the committee was formally announced, through Sept. 30, the end of the third quarter reporting period. Its dollar figures do not include Senate contributions, which are not filed electronically, and still have not been submitted to the FEC.

Ain’t bribery a wonderful thing?