Debt Ceiling Crisis: Another Right-Wing Fear Tactic


Both big political machines put their agendas ahead of the national interest.

However, conservative Republicans have taken misrepresentation and fear-mongering to new lows as they seek to magnify the political influence of our nation’s business elites. Their latest tactic is to stir up economic fear among American wage-earners by making the need to raise the debt ceiling seem like a national crisis.

This article in the blog notes that Senate Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times during the administration of silver spooner George W. Bush. For us at Cynical, that information exposes the selective nature of the standards of the discredited right-wing fringe and suggests they create a new crisis whenever they think Dems can be tarred and feathered with it. That’s classic machine politics.

bullFirst off, every time the debt ceiling goes up the sky is not necessarily falling, because there is this little economic thing called inflation. It dictates that it takes more money to pay for something as the value of the dollar declines. That means we could have argued over the rising debt ceiling every day of the week and twice on Sunday under every president since Reagan.

Cynical loathes both big political machines, but the outright hypocrisy of the far right is a big turnoff for the working-class voters we champion. Being approached for political support by wingnuts is like being approached on the street by a beggar on a bike who is seeking gasoline money for their car. It’s an insult to your intelligence.

It’s pretty obvious a beggar on bike doesn’t have a car and it’s pretty obvious that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about the debt ceiling. If they did they wouldn’t have raised it seven times during the administration of silver spoon George W. Bush.

Look, we here at have minimum standards for self-serving political bbushullshit here at Cynical. The poor construction of this debt ceiling “crisis” is as insulting as the bike scam cited above.

We demand the wingnuts have enough respect for working voters to lie to us in a way that is at least remotely believable, because some of us still believe there is such a thing as inherent truth. We don’t have to define the meaning of the word “is” first to get to it, as Slick Willie Clinton once maintained.

The real solution to the debt ceiling is to bring back the millions of American jobs that have been offshored and rein in the oil monopoly by converting a larger share of our nation’s generating capacity to solar, nuclear, wind and natural gas. Both party machines have been active enablers of offshoring and the GOP is virtually owned by the energy industry, so they deserve more blame for its sins.