Crooked Senate Lavishes Tax Breaks on Ultra Rich


Senate Republicans just passed a reprehensible tax bill which is a clear giveaway to the ultra rich and the treasonous corporations offshoring our jobs to China, Mexico and India.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed by a 51-49 vote at 1:50 a.m., Saturday morning.

Guess where the money the Predatory 1 Percent gets in this giveaway is going to come from?

If you said “you and me and our fellow working Americans” you’re 100 percent right. It’s coming straight out of the wallets of the poor and faltering middle class. Just give it a few years for the temporary sweeteners to wear off.

When the deficit starts to swell beneath these giveaways the same political hookers will be coming for our Social Security.

That butt raping was the good news.

Now for the bad news: The Senate’s crooked Democrats didn’t oppose the bill because they care about the faltering middle class and poor. They’re on Wall Street’s side in this class war fracas, too.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) only opposed this legislation because they didn’t get concessions from Trump for playing along. They’re millionaires who hope to be billionaires someday, just like their patrons on Wall Street.

There were only three legitimate “no” votes: U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.).

The tax deal is the latest in a long line of government giveaways to the Predatory 1 Percent. They include abandoning the Gold Standard in 1971, making for-profit medicine legal in 1973, allowing banks to charge more than 11 percent annual interest in the early 80s, allowing banks to make risky investments in 1999, allowing corporations to make unlimited political donations in 2010, and banning peaceful protests of our crooked elected officials in 2012.

Ending Net Neutrality is next.

I don’t really know when insider trading became legal for our reptilian Congress, which enjoys a 90 percent re-election rate and a 14 percent approval rating. And I don’t recall when they decided term limits weren’t for them, but they’re First Class for life now.

First Class seating in Trump’s America comes with pensions, lots of bribes from corporate lobbyists, free medical and dental, the unending adulation of shameless lackeys, and unlimited sexual harassment settlement subsidies.

That’s right.

When the members of this crooked Congress get busted for sexual harassment they pay off their victims with taxpayers dollars.

More tyranny anyone?

Yes please.

These are the best of times for the country club set and the worst of times for everyone riding coach. Demoralized American workers are drinking, drugging and shooting themselves into oblivion at rates not seen in this nation since The Great Depression.

Class warfare and oppressed workers are what Donald Trump and his friends in the Party of Bush really mean by Make America Great Again. It’s also what Pelosi and her fellow rich loons in the Party of Clinton mean when they say Americans don’t want a new direction.

Just think how we’ll feel after Amazon’s e-Commerce business model destroys most of the 41 million remaining retail jobs at brick-and-mortar stores and needless self driving technology puts 4.4 million professional drivers out of work. Those twin blows are going to cut roughly a third of our remaining full-time jobs in this nation and officially end our consumer-based economy.

What’s likely to replace it?

I’m thinking debt slavery and company towns.

At which point Facebook will miraculously begin hiring reporters and generating its own news stories and Amazon will start charging taxes for online purchases. Not that being allowed to hijack articles and advertising from the free press, and to sell online goods tax free played any role in the rapid growth of these global trusts.

The fact that these two intelligence operations make it so much easier for the Fortune 500 to bag and tag the American people for processing by Big Data is just an ancillary bonus. But what do any of us have to worry about if we’re not breaking the law? Or challenging the tyranny of Wall Street? Or criticizing Herr Trump? Or suggesting that spoiled rich kids didn’t do it all themselves?

Just look at North Korea. The tyranny of the rich is doing wonders over there. They’ve got a royal family that includes a golfer who shot 11 holes in one and bowled a perfect 300 the first time he touched a bowling ball.

How long before Donnie Rump Roast and his stunted spawn start pushing the same outrageous lies over here?

After all, “no one is better.” Just ask this enormous bag of hot air himself.

Sadly, most Americans still think the two Wall Street political machines represent a real choice between voting for corrupt political hookers and voting for other corrupt political hookers. Many of the same people seem to think this billionaire silver spoon president is some kind of working class hero.

What kind?

The kind that was born rich and never worked a real day in its entire pathetic life.

I think Forrest Gump said it best when he said “stupid is as stupid does.”

The financial sector now running the world has been using financial weapons to wage class warfare against us since 9/11, ostensibly in the name of the War on Terror. These “synthetic investment vehicles” increased the Predatory 1 Percent’s share of global household wealth to 50.1 percent in 2017 from 45.5 percent in 2000, according to Credit Suisse.

This tax deals means even more consolidation awaits us here in America, with a greater share of our money going to the rich. Either to fund the government they control, or directly into their pocket via monopolistic business practices.

None of it happens without the hard corruption of The Party of Bush and the soft corruption of The Party of Clinton.

What’s the moral of the story?

If you work for a living you no longer have any meaningful representation in this country. Or real elections. Because it’s no longer your country.

You can expect to die broke and alone of illnesses which are treated for free in most of the rest of the world. While your kids dose themselves with meth and opiates to escape the pain of a world where the best jobs go to the useless children of the idle rich, and everyone else spends their lives repaying their student loans.

By the way, most of our allies in Europe don’t even charge for college.

Who’s fault is it all?

Most of us will probably never know.

That’s the beauty of this scam by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Legislative Exchange Council. They’re like the health insurance workers cheating you out of your disability benefits in that respect, with no last name and no work address. Lest you treat them the way they treat you.

When you voted for Trump or Hillary you got played, splayed and sprayed.

As a nation, we should seriously consider changing our name to the “Republic of Ben Dover.”

Enjoy the ass reaming, if you voted for it.

If you voted Third Party, as I did, you have the satisfaction of being right when you thought you were about to get butt raped. Congrats on being out in front.

It sure is reassuring to know you saw this all coming when you’re getting bounced against the kitchen linoleum like a plastic sex doll.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was so proud of this attack on working Americans he could barely contain himself. Homeboy even arranged for the vote to be held on Saturday morning – when almost no one is awake or reading the news. That way it will be old news by the time most the rabble (that’s us)  hears about it.

Not that it matters in a country whose citizens routinely empower their oppressors by playing along with bogus elections that feature dueling political hookers for Wall Street.

To paraphrase former professional football coach Bill Parcells, “you are what your record says you are.”

By that measure, the United States is no longer a functioning democracy, meritocracy, or society. Much less the home of the free and land of the brave. We’re a nation of suckers, paying First World prices for Third World consumer goods and looking down our noses at anyone who tries to take on the robber barons or make a principled stand for the greater good.

In short, if you have a parent who served in World War II you have failed that parent and squandered their democratic legacy. We all have.

What’s the answer?

I think we should all tune in to the Fox News Propaganda Network and see what our talking points are today. Because being a member of the reality-based community in this failing Republic is no longer a winning strategy.

Let’s see: We hate Muslims, Liberals, Liberal Jews, feminists, uppity minorities, immigrants, organized labor, principled people, painful truths, saucy workers, and anyone who still cares about the greater good or questions someone with a higher credit score.  Got it.

We like the rich and their hookers, lackeys and enforcers. Check.

What’s it all mean?

Put on them knee pads America, and pucker up.






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