Analysis: Roger Ailes and Fox News big winners in church massacre


The hate-fueled massacre of nine black parishioners in a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina, was a huge win for Roger Ailes and the predatory 1 percent he lackeys for. 

They’re the big winners whenever beleaguered workers and their families respond to class warfare by attacking their own, just as alleged shooter Dylann Roof did Wednesday. The tit-for-tat sound of working class revenge murders is starting to gather momentum beneath the relentless weight of the race-baiting profit growth strategy Ailes has crafted for Fox News and the GOP.

“People play divisive political games to stir up racists because sometimes that means they go to the polls to vote,” Joseph Darby, the presiding elder of the 32 predominantly black churches in South Carolina, told one reporter. “Hopefully there will be no more (attacks on black churches), but nobody is closing down church. They have tried to engage in that kind of racist terrorism since the beginning of America. It hasn’t worked yet, and it won’t work now.”

Ailes, 75, is a former Nixon aide who heads both Fox News and the larger Right Wing Noise Machine. Before finding his niche, the conservative entertainment professional served as a media consultant for Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush. He was responsible for the race-baiting Willie Horton ad that harnessed white male fears of black peepees in the 1988 presidential election.

Roof echoed those sentiments Wednesday as he exchanged words with his mostly elderly victims while reloading inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The 21-year-old allegedly opened fire on them after being allowed into their bible study meeting, with a .45 caliber pistol his daddy gave him for his birthday.

“I have to do it,” Roof was quoted as saying. “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Dylann Roof and his apartheid coatRoof is shown in a picture on his Facebook page wearing a jacket adorned with images of the flags of apartheid-era South African and the Republic of Rhodesia, the name for Zimbabwe when it was run by a post-colonial white minority in the 1970s.
Frustrated working class kids like Roof are increasingly turning to violence against societal out-groups, like Mexican immigrants and blacks, as they struggle to identify those responsible for the death of the American Dream. The true culprits are the corporations and predatory members of the 1 percent who have taken over the federal government and many state governments in recent years via lobbyists and legalized bribes.
They’ve injected a practice known as “self-regulation” to allow monopolistic industries like medicine, pharmaceuticals, big military contractors, investment banks, cable TV and cell-phone carriers to regulate themselves. Under silver spoon president George W. Bush big business interests were also able to destroy between 8 million and 12 million jobs by using off-shoring and fake reorganizations to reduce labor costs without incurring government fines.
One result of that strategy has been a hollowing out of the American middle class and a leveling of U.S. workers with their underpaid counterparts in low-wage nations like China and Mexico. 
Ailes and Fox News exist to focus workers’ legitimate anger about those developments on their own. 
They’ve encouraged frustrated working class whites to buy firearms to defend their outdated Second Amendment right to bear arms. And they’ve encouraged the use of those weapons by passing laws like “Stand Your Ground,” which established new legal loopholes for the civilian use of deadly force, and “Open Carry,” which has reinforced existing laws permitting the public to carry and display of firearms.
However, Fox rarely tells its manipulated viewers that the Second Amendment was meant to deter government tyranny of the type we’re now experiencing via the specter of armed popular revolt against abusive elites. Not to enable the scapegoating and killing of poor and middle class minorities.
And Fox never tells them that if they actually tried to use their personal firearms against the government they would be going up against modern crew-served tanks, planes, missiles, mercenaries and insect-sized drones – many of which kill at immense ranges – with pistols, rifles and shotguns. All of which means they might as well be armed with soup spoons.
“We as a country (must) reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,” President Barack Obama said in response to the church shooting. “It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency. And it is in our power to do something about it, (but) the politics in this town foreclose a lot of those avenues right now.”
The predatory 1 percent, which controls most advertising dollars in the U.S., hired Ailes, in 2005 to neuter our nation’s independent news media and rechannel legitimate populist anger over abusive practices such as predatory lending and mortgage fraud. He’s succeeded, largely by using the race-baiting pseudo news channel – often referred to as the propaganda arm of the Republican Party – to turn poor and middle class whites against minority groups.
The immoral divide and conquer tactic proves Ailes is worth every penny of his more than $20 million annual salary. Porvided you have no qualms about how you use a man who will do anything to his fellow Americans in the pursuit of more money and power.
America’s descent into racial warfare is sure to benefit the demographics-challenged GOP with fearful whites in future elections as Ailes and his employers try to dilute the increase in influence of Latino and black voters via gerrymandering and new forms of glorified poll tests.
The far right’s increasingly desperate tactics are being fueled by the impending loss of Texas – long the anchor of red state presidential strategies – due to a huge shift in its demographics. And by the realization that those defending the narrow societal pyramid of true tyranny can only lose once – much like the Romanovs of Russia, the Gadhafis of Libya, and the family of Louis XVI of France.