Calmate motherfuckers


Look people, if you voted for Trump or Hillary you voted for Wall Street.


And you will live to regret it.

So save all your hypocritical condemnation for yourself. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans give a crap about the 99 Percent and they both use race and gender to get elected.

Hillary did this by labeling those who voted against her as “deplorables” and implying they were racists, sexists and bigots. Trump did it by trying to attract the support of working class whites who have been abandoned by both party establishments. One of the ways he appealed to them was by criticizing traditional victim groups.

Here’s the rub: the vast majority of working class whites are neither racist nor sexist. Never were.

These are the very same folks who supported civil rights, ended slavery, turned Oprah into a seer and billionaire, ended real estate covenants banning Jews and blacks, gave women the vote, and elected the first black president. They were the difference in this election, both by action and inaction, because they voted their pocketbooks and billfolds.

They would have elected the first female candidate if either party establishments had given them someone willing to constrain the Wall Street greed destroying our country. Like an Elizabeth Warren.

That’s who they wanted to vote for. Not Trump.

There was no way they were going to support another Clinton or Bush

This election was about economics and exploiting the middle class. The only group that matters is the rich. They make the rest of irrelevant by pitting us against each other.

l19And then they fucking laugh at us.

You all may not give a shit, but I do not like being laughed at by rich fuggin scumbags. 

Roman politicians ran the same scam on the masses in the days before before Christ by backing different Gods.

Nothing has fucking changed. And that includes you.

Me, I’m for Zeus. Only a sexist asshole would back Mercury.

(blank stare)

You fell for it. Again. Just like a moth and a porch light-bulb.

By the way, Constantine shook up the world when he noticed how big the downtrodden Christians were and allied with them. Instead of the more traditional Roman Gods of that time.

Constantine would up becoming emperor behind them. He also became the first Pope on the basis of his “conquer behind this” vision of the ancient Roman electric chair.

Trump did the same kind of  math.

Our modern day Constantine looked godsaround and noticed how big the pile of white working class “losers” in our society has become. Then aligned with them.

Incredibly, it worked.


Was it because Trump has so much in common with working class Americans as a silver spoon who inherited billions and attended private school? 

(blank stare)


It worked because Hillary has been acting like a queen for more than 25 years now. She’s so fatally flawed that she lost to an even more fatally flawed candidate with no political allies and half her money. She was so fake that she made Trump look like “authentic” working class by comparison.

That’s the worhilld the rich stooges on MSNC and CNN actually use to describe him.

Trump was the perfect fucking opponent for this populist election as a rich piece of country club garbage. Just not quite as perfect as Queen Hillary with her $153 million in big bank “speaking fees,” her daughter’s $600,000 no-show journalism job with MSNBC, and the $10,000 designer trash bags she wore on the stump.

They could have both lost to a pet rock if one had made it onto the ballot in all 50 states.

Now that Trump has won he can turn his back on us and cash in. Which was Hillary’s plan all along, too.

Whats the moral of this story?

When you vote Republican or Democrat you’re voting for Wall Street and those rich fucks are not on your side.

On the other hand, I am. And I would dearly love it if you would stop making me look and feel like an idiot for lining up beside you.

Will you gullible morons please stop sending me emails whining about how I should have voted for your modern equivalent of the Roman Gods.

Fuck your Gods. Fuck your Democrats and Republicans, too

If you want to throw this nation away that’s your business, but I was not put on this orb to kiss rich ass.

That’s why I voted Jill Stein and that’s why my vote counted for something on Tuesday. Unlike yours.


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