Don’t believe the hype – the Brexit is great news for the 99%


Britain’s vote to exit the European Union on Friday was a tremendous victory for a 99 Percent which is desperately trying to stem the shift toward global tyranny being orchestrated by predatory elites.

The Brextit was a surrogate for their tainted version of globalization, which seeks to reestablish the super rich as the modern equivalent of feudal lords. Much as the Keystone Pipeline before it was a surrogate for public anger with the predatory ways of the fossil fuel industry.

Both the Keystone and globalization would be worthy endeavors if they were being executed to advance the greater good. Not so much in the context of the incessant power grabs of the selfish Wall Street interests behind them.

Someday the human race will be the beneficiaries of a global economy which serves the greater good, instead of enriching toxic elites at the expense of the rest of us. Until then, every blow to the current incarnation of globalization is a victory for decent people.


Because the current incarnation of globalization is completely bereft of labor protections. That makes it a formula for a global plantation staffed with debt slaves and fueled by predatory lending. Rather than a system that supports representative democracy and social mobility via enlightened citizens.

Its backers are the kind of self-styled “elites” and “Masters of the Universe”  who gather each year in Davos, Switzerland, to revel in an imaginary world where currency is the only measure of human self worth. Today, this generation of toxic elites runs public schools their children do not attend, directs military forces they do not serve in, and oversees democratic governments they do not contribute taxes to.

Like the feudal lords of old, these sheltered silver spoons prefer oligarchy to democracy and rule by decree to leadership by example.

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch addresses a session of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos January 24, 2008. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND)
The Davos crowd advocates a duplicitous version of a global economy which would supplant national boundaries with distinctions based solely on familial wealth. In their new world order there will be no Americans, Russians, Chinese or Nigerians. Just rich and poor. Haves and have-nots.
The first part is wonderful, but the second part is pure treason. A systematic betrayal of the very democratic ideals embraced by most developed societies.
Their version of globalization is just another word for the virulent strain of affluenza which infects them. It’s a Trojan Horse that would send the human race reeling backward to the hereditary rule of old.

It reflects their twisted view of the world as a place in which their children are born into power and privilege, and the rest of us are excess population. That’s why they advance global markets without any regulatory protections for labor and champion a global economy ahead of a meaningful global government to regulate it.

If you work for a living these people are not your friends.


Today, stocks are in free fall, which is the only thing the super wealthy understand. Broken families, starving children, homeless veterans, medical bankruptcy, and suicidal workers no longer register in their world.

In the 1 Percent’s version of globalization, only the rich are citizens. The rest of us are peasants, born into a slavish existence in which we are condemned to paying off orchestrated debts for everything from education to medical care to our own jail cells.

The result is a form of economic slavery, which utilizes access to education, country club networking and capital to severely limit social mobility.

The champions of Globalization Without Regulation are the champions of greed. The arbiters of a twisted morality which confuses education with intelligence, integrity with duplicity, lackeyism with loyalty, and cowardice with courage.

Did you eveOWS99r notice that when the mainstream news media reports on globalization they almost never define it? That they also almost never talk about the need for labor protections to prevent workers in modern, industrialized nations from being leveled with their unskilled counterparts in the developing world?

Instead, these journalism sonderkommandos imply that globalization is inherently good and anyone who opposes it is some kind of racist. There’s a reason for that misinformation campaign.

The silver spoons who control the news – such as Rupert Murdoch – prefer their 99 percent stupid and docile.

They don’t want us to understand that true “globalization” is simply a catchall term for the natural evolution of the human race which occurs when new technologies speed communication and the delivery of goods and services.

These advances should be a force for good. However, monied interests have transformed them into burglary tools which concentrate our planet’s wealth in fewer and fewer hands.
That’s why Britain’s vote to exit the European Union was a huge positive, rather than the negative event the paid liars of the mainstream news media would have us believe.

History is the best teacher when it comes to such periods of revolutionary economic change.

Case in point, the shift from regional economies to national economies that occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries due to the advent of the telegraph, ships powered by coal and oil,  and national railroads. Here in the U.S., robber barons used those innovations to move the textile industry from the unionized Northeast to the South, where they were free to exploit local laborers.

Instead of sharing the savings generated by these lower wages with consumers, the robber barons of the time pocketed most of the difference and kept prices high. Taking all of the benefits and none of the burdens, and then hypocritically slapping their names on universities and charitable foundations – like the Nobel Peace Prize built on dynamite royalties – as if they had been a force for good in the world.

Today, the same thing is happening again via Globalization Without Regulation.

Mboat44ultinational corporations are using  the rise of the Internet and the global banking system to shift U.S. manufacturing to places like China and Mexico and to move service industry jobs to India. However, instead of passing the savings from these cheaper goods and services along to U.S. consumers, they’re pocketing the difference.

In effect, Globalization Without Regulation allows the 1 Percent to take all of the positives of globalization for themselves, while pushing all of the negatives off onto the rest of us. Just as their predecessors did when humanity evolved from regional economies to national economies.

That’s why U.S. consumers have to buy Chinese-made goods from Amazon and Wal-Mart instead of purchasing them directly from overseas manufacturers like the 1 Percent. The new technologies make it possible, but it’s nearly impossible for the average person to conduct such transactions. Just as it is is when urban consumers try to purchase food directly from the farmers who produce it.

The result is a trade deficit of more $300 billion a year just with China – as U.S. wealth is being siphoned overseas instead of revolving within our own national economy.

Meanwhile, the mainstream news industry is telling us that all opposition to globalization is rooted in the racism of the masses toward immigrant workers. This misleading narrative is a helluva lot easier to advance now that six companies control 90 percent of the U.S. media – down from 53 companies back in 1983.

Here’s what’s really been going on.

The quest for cheaper labor doesn’t just extend to cheaper foreign womubarakrkers in foreign lands, it also encompasses the cheaper labor being lured to the U.S.

Immigrant workers don’t come to the U.S. to be unemployed. They come here for work, often after being recruited in their native lands. The meatpacking industry was notorious for doing this prior to 2010, when they would bring busloads of cheap,docile workers up from Mexico to factories in places like Nebraska and Colorado. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce encouraged and supported this practice, lobbying for more guest workers and weaker enforcement standards for companies caught employing illegal workers. 

In the U.S., employers are only required to verify that applicants possess the documents to legally work in the U.S. However, they’re not expected to distinguish between a green card or social security card written in crayon and legitimate documents.

That’s a pretty low standard. By design.

bloombergIf employers were held to a higher standard they’d stop hiring illegal workers, but they control the levers of government and they prefer this disingenuous arrangement.

Meanwhile, the same business interests encourage their political hookers to play the race card come election time to attract support from angry native-born workers. That way they’ve got us fighting one another instead of them.

Once again, it’s benefits without burdens.

This is the same cynical path Donald Trump is following right now. You know, the billionaire born with the silver spoon shoved deep into pasty butt cheeks like a flatware suppository?

The Davos crowd is following a similar divisive game plan via the misleading narrative that all opposition to Globalization Without Regulation is rooted in racism, rather than a legitimate response to this attempt at class warfare. Once again, monied interests have us fighting one another instead of them

These are the very same sheltered folks who have given us a planeParist with a global gross domestic product of $78 trillion and a global debt or $240 trillion. They are now printing their own currency via synthetic debt instruments, such as the collateralized debt obligations that helped cause the global recession of 2008-2010.

What’s it all mean?

It means that the tainted version of globalization being pushed by the 1 Percent is good for the big banks that serve them and bad for the rest of us. That’s why bank stocks took a beating Friday after the Brexit was announced.

Since Wall Street interests now run completely counter to Main Street interests, we can look forward to more and better jobs due to the Brexit. 

enoughThe same is true of the economic tumult in China. It hurt stocks but led to increased hiring here in the U.S. as worried elites brought some jobs home to hedge their bets in the low-wage nation now known as “the world’s shop floor.” It’s a moniker previously owned by the U.S. and worn with pride by workers in manufacturing centers like Trenton, New Jersey.

Trenton had an unemployment rate of 18.4 percent in June 2009. The jobless rate was 8.7 percent in April, but only because so many idled workers have stopped looking for new jobs in a hardworking community whose nickname was once “Trenton Makes the World Takes.” The only reason it’s lower now is because our misleading unemployment rate stops counting most workers who have been idle more than six months,

What’s good for the publicly traded multinationals of Wall Street is now bad for bad for everyone else in American communities from Trenton to Tacoma, Wash. They represent a clear and present danger to the rest of us. Their benefits are our burdens and their burdens are our benefits.

Wpoor3ho set it up that way?

The same crowd that’s pushing Globalization Without Regulation down our throats and was behind the U.S. housing collapse, the Great Recession, the tar sands oil dig, and the California Energy Crisis.

These are the same geniuses who thought more of a good thing would always translate into bigger profits and assumed U.S. housing prices would never go down. They never considered the unintended consequences their rampant greed would create or the law of diminishing returns.

The one question they seem to be universally incapable of pondering is “how much is too much?”

They also don’t seem to understand that the Internet rewards transparency and punishes obfuscation, which is why they keep trying to mislead the rest of us.

Look folks, I don’t care what the paid liars tell you at ethically compromised news organizations like The Wall Street Journal. If you don’t want to be leveled with people making $8 a day in Baja, Mexico, and $2 a day in China then Globalization Without Regulation is not your friend.

It’s a simple question of how much is too much. The kind of change that transforms workers into debt slaves in a global plantation is too much – for everybody but the sheltered 1 Percent at the top.

Racism only comes into it when treasonous elites want to distract boat15us from the levers of power they now control in our fake democracies like the Great and Powerful Oz.

You know, the fortunate ones who have never worked a real day in their lives?

These are the same silver spoons who have given us a choice between Wall Street Agent Donald Trump and Wall Street Agent Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. And a venal U.S. Congress with a median net worth per member of $1,029,505, versus just $56,355 for the rest of us.

This high-handed garbage is a lot of things, but representative democracy is not one of them.

Globalization Without Regulation is a similar Trojan Horse. One that does not represent the next step in human evolution for the 99 Percent. Instead, it represents a pathway back to the hereditary rule of old.

Right now, the Brextit is just a surrogate for our species’ predatory 1 Percent. God help them if they ever give the rest if us a way to vote on their bullshit directly.

The author has six national journalism awards and spent more than 20 years in the mainstream news media before co-founding The Cynical Times in 2010. His resume includes serving as a member of the Bloomberg News economic reporting team in Washington, D.C., and stints as an administrative correspondent for The Associated Press and managing editor of The Bond Buyer national business daily.


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