The Big Lie: Vegas Shooter Wasn’t Political


Is this the wrong time to celebrate “American Exceptionalism” and talk about how Trump is “Making America Great Again?”

Apparently so.

With 59 dead Americans and another 530 wounded wondering what they ever did to the rich gambler who allegedly gunned them down from afar Sunday night.

I don’t buy into this fictional nonsense about suspected sniper Stephen Paddock having no political views. If that’s true, then he was the only literate person on Planet Earth without an opinion about Donald Trump before the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

It’s far more likely Paddock was a kindred spirit of the Divider-in-Chief, who is working so hard to turn Americans against each other so he can step in to restore order and assume dictatorial powers.

That’s why we’re suddenly being encouraged by the right to avoid “politicizing” the worst mass murder in American history. Apparently, now is not the time to wonder how and why it happened.

This propaganda strategy has nothing to do with consideration for the victims and their grieving families. Instead, it’s simple politics and business for Donald Trump and his financial backers in the firearms industry.

They’re the ones who have made it impossible for decent Americans to crimp their profit growth by keeping military style firearms out of civilian hands. They’re the ones who have made it impossible for us to adopt a sensible compromise limiting their sales to pump shotties, bolt action rifles and wheel guns.

Professional gamblers like Paddock tend to be savage capitalists, just like Trump. They’re professional competitors who believe they should be able to take whatever they can overpower or outsmart. This mindset is also central to the pirate ethos of Wall Street’s Predatory 1 Percent.

These are not Good Samaritans who exist to make the world a safer place for children and old people and believe the meek will inherit the Earth. They’re predators who dislike sharing power with those they consider beneath them.

That’s why Paddock and Trump both have wives from societies where women are still subservient to men.

Paddock’s wife hails from The Philippines. Two of Trump’s three exes are from The Czech Republic.

If you need a docile spouse, instead of an equal partner, you’re a lot more likely to find one in The Philippines and The Czech Republic than here at home.

Look folks, if you know anything about public relations/propaganda you know that if Paddock had been an opponent of either Trump or Wall Street we’d have heard all about.

As it was, the Right Wing Noise Machine falsely claimed he was a member of the left before they even knew how to properly spell his name. Their knowing lies were universally debunked.

If Paddock had been a Progressive, an anti-fascist, a member of Occupy Wall Street, a Black Lives Matter activist, a Muslim American, an immigrant, a Socialist, a Jewish American, a Democrat or a minority of any kind we would have heard about it from Trump. In fact, we’d still be hearing about it for the next three years from a president with zero impulse control.

That’s worth saying again: Trump is a spoiled rich kid with zero impulse control.

He didn’t get beat up nearly enough in junior high school and he’s not the kind of guy you go fishing with or who suffers well beside you.

We all know this. On both sides of the political aisle and both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

So why isn’t this fake tough guy tweeting up a storm about liberal shooter Stephen Paddock?

Why isn’t he tweeting “I told you so,” over and over as he does minutes after every terror attack in Europe?

Figure it out.

The fact that Trump hasn’t said a thing about Paddock’s politics is the best indication they’re inconvenient for him. Meaning that the shooter’s beliefs mirror his own and the shooter’s murderous actions may very well have been inspired by his Trump’s supremacist rhetoric.

The way you analyze propaganda is by determining who benefits from the subtle misrepresentations, big lies and sins of omissions.

My sense is that pretending Paddock is *not* a supremacist is Trump’s newest big lie. It’s the sin of omission the rising American Police State is concealing within the small truth about Paddock being a gun nut and mass murderer.

Yes, he’s both of those things. Reverse engineering the propaganda surrounding him suggests he’s also a Trump man.

Gotta be.

This is the same kind of propaganda strategy Yahoo originally employed to conceal the painful truth that all 3 billion of its user accounts were compromised by hackers in 2013. The tech company initially admitted to just a third of that astonishing number.

Yahoo’s sin of omission was incredibly successful because it was wrapped in the truth. Albeit, a small truth.

The climate is ripe for this kind of misrepresentation right now in the U.S.

America’s free press has been taken over by Wall Street and neutered over the past decade. Veteran reporters and editors have been kicked to the curb and replaced with second stringers who are less inclined to take principled stands and less capable of vetting corporate and political claims.

Publicly traded social media organizations, like Facebook and Twitter, have been allowed to hijack the distribution of news articles without generating a single article of their own. Their agenda isn’t the truth – it’s profit growth – and their leaders put shareholders ahead of their fellow Americans.

The result is an almost unprecedented Age of Propaganda in which the truth is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Case in point, the 3,000 ads Russian leader Vladimir Putin placed on Facebook to elect a five-time draft dodger as president in 2016.

Most were not identifiable as ads. They were camouflaged to appear as newspaper stories, polls and posts from your friends. And they worked.

Because this is the age of Propaganda. Not Fake News.

Fake News implies reporters are misleading you. They’re not.

There’s just not nearly as many of them and they have less freedom to call “bullshit” than ever before.

Trump and his crowd of rich losers are propagandists. Not journalists.

They don’t do principles. They lie. Habitually, intentionally and enthusiastically.

The first step toward wisdom is to call these liars and the age in which they flourish by the right name.

This is the Age of Propaganda and Trump is a crooked, lying, treasonous piece of human garbage.

Figure it out.

Anyone who still believes in Trump after all the trash that’s come out of his idiot pie-hole is no longer being misled. They are willfully allowing themselves to be misled and complicit in the damage he is doing to our great nation and global reputation.

This POS must go.


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