Hillary poised to shoulder Obama’s poser legacy


It’s so reassuring to know Barack Obama’s legacy as a Wall Street stooge will be preserved by Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Like her predecessor, HRC plans to talk and walk like a liberal while serving monied interests like a conservative.

President Obama’s biggest achievement was making group traits irrelevant to the auctioning of the middle class to global monied interests. Does that qualify as progress?

Kind of.

Just as getting back to your ideal weight while suffering from Stage-IV cancer could be called “progress” by some.

Obama posed as a progressive, while selling the faltering middle class out to monied interests; eroding civil rights via garbage legislation like the Occupy Law, which made it a crime to protest anyone protected by the CIA; using drones to murder fellow Americans, instead of bringing them to trial; expanding our foreign military empire; and allowing Wall Street to continue to shift U.S. jobs overseas and escape their share of the national tax burden.

Obama never said a word about rampant political corruption in Congress during his time in The White House. He allowed the repugnant energy industry to abandon its decades long “energy security” rhetoric and begin exporting America’s scarce oil reserves. And he verbally decried Citizens United and the Republican blockage of his Supreme Court nominee, but never acted against them.

In short, President Obama publicly promised much to the middle class, and actually delivered very little. He publicly promised little to the rich and powerful, and gave them a great deal more outside the glare of the public spotlight.

The big exceptions being the Keystone Pipeline andpoor12 the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. TPP will shift American manufacturing jobs to Vietnam and The Philippines from China.

Hillary is going to clean them up for him.

Obama is not a victim of anyone or anything but the discredited Right Wing Noise Machine. Without Faux, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh et al he never could have posed as a progressive.

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice how the 1 Percent began pulling the plug on the right wing noise machine and the Tea Party the moment Hillary “won” the Democratic nomination?

I guess our political and business elites don’t think they need the wingnuts any more now that they’ve succeeded in frustrating the progressive change Obama promised.


You have to get shit done to have a legacy.

Obama didn’t get much of anything done which was progressive. His
biggest achievements seemed to be conservative things the Right Wing would have passed in his place, like eroding civil liberties and expanding the forever war against those who oppose U.S. expansionism.

Anyone who thinks those moves were about peace or making us safer at home is a special kind of stupid.

They were about allowing the national military establishment to continue to pilfer the treasury via ridiculously overpriced weapons systems. Like the Zumwalt destroyer, which is expected to “cost” $4.4  billion each, and the F-35 fighter, which is expected to come in at $128 million per aircraft.

The prices are so prohibitively high that the weapons may be too costlhipster1y to risk in combat.

In short, our nation is no longer a global symbol of freedom. It’s a global symbol of collective insanity.

So we’ve got that going for us.

Don’t forget to wear your imbecile symbol on Election Day. It’s that “I Voted” button you’ve been programmed to take such pride in because you think we still have real elections. 

The painful truth is we function like a true democracy only during the six months prior to a presidential election. The rest of the time we’re a Star Chamber oligarchy, which is what U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was alluding to a few months back when he said the time was not right to vote on TPP. 

What’s next?

Look for TPP and the Keystone to be repackaged and approved by our House of Lords Congress.

Look for action to be taken on climate change during the next four years. After its packaged in a way that allows The Fortune 500 to pilfer the Treasury for addressing the problems their rampant corporate greed created.

Because the multinational robber barons running the orb have learned that cloaking their money grabs in progressive camouflage is the best way to fool the electorate. Case in pint, the big Geedub prescription legislation for seniors, which precluded Medicare from negotiating with Big Pharma for lower prices.

You’re in play my friends, and you ain’t winning.


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