This McDonaldized election was over before it began


When I see “too good to be true” nonsense like the meme at left I have to wonder what is real and what is illusion in this verkakte presidential election, and whether Hillary Rodham Clinton is running a dirty tricks operation.

When a campaign runs a dirty tricks operation – as Nixon did in 1972 – it becomes impossible for normal working people like you and me to tell who is doing what. 

One of the things their operatives do is manufacture false missteps on behalf of  opponents. Like this sloppy meme, which paints HRC as a victim. This kind of Machiavellian tactic is meant to put opponents on the defensive and alienate their potential supporters.

Judging from some of the events of the Democratic primary with Bernie Sanders and the internal emails obtained by Wikileaks, HRC’s campaign has a dirty tricks arm. One which was actively engaged in changing the rules in some state primaries.

The ends clearly justify the means for this Wall Street candidate.

Case in point, who is most susceptible tothree this meme’s ridiculous idea of texting a vote?

A Millennial who grew up with a smart phone in their hand and has never voted before, or an octogenarian whose mind is slipping away and has voted in more than a dozen presidential elections?

It’s the Millennial.

And which age cohort is most skeptical of HRC?

Millennials again. 

So why would the Trump camp want to do anything to piss them off and send them running to the polls?

Is Trump a racist con artist attracted to the free ride elected officials now receive for crimes like bribery and insider trading?


You better believe it.

Is Hillary a ruthless, unprincipled servant of monied interests who has gotten rich auctioning off the faltering middle class to the highest bidder? 

Yup. Times two.

Is this a real election?

That’s the question most of us are asking ourselves. Isn’t it?

It’s clearly not a real election in the traditional sense. It’s a Wall Street intelligence operation meant to herd voters toward their preferred candidate. One that was over before it began in many ways.

Welcome to the first “McDonaldized Presidential Election” in U.S. baby2history to appropriate a phrase from the “The McDonaldization of Society” book by sociologist George Ritzer. One meant to produce an efficient and predictable outcome for the 1 Percent.

Fastfood customers are programmed to think they choose to stand in line to place their orders, refill their own cups, and bus their own tables. Just as voters in a McDonaldized election are programmed to think they’re advancing representative democracy when choosing between wealthy candidates who all champion monied interests over the faltering middle class.

What’s the first requirement for any group of elites which want to replace free elections with this kind of illusion?

More money than sense.


Shared values and outcomes.


The core group must feel the need to act in concert to preserve themselves.

Wall Street is very separate from the rest of right now. They live in a world apart made up of gated communities, security desks, doormen, private schools, private islands, private jets, wealthy enclaves, plentiful jobs, and lots and lots of ruthless consultants looking to manufacture new reasons to be paid.

Case in point, the consultants in HRC’s dirty tricks arm. They have to produce to keep the gravy-train flowing. No matter how far in front she is.

Whmcd2at’s the fourth requirement?

Incredible hubris. And who has more hubris than Wall Streets self-proclaimed master’s of the universe? The people who derisively refer to the states between the two coasts as “Flyover Country.”

The 1 Percent is trying to herd the more numerous voters of the poor and middle class toward their desired candidate in this election. Much as your local McDonald’s franchise manages its customers to support profit growth.

You know the bright colors and hard chairs in McDonald’s? 

They’re meant to make us get out in 20 minutes or less.

McDonalds doesn’t want us lingering. They need us to order fast, pay fast, eat fast and then quickly vacate our seats and parking spaces to facilitate the next transaction.

What’s the fifth logical requirement of a dirty tricks operation?

Secure the weakest possible

It’s obvious HRC wanted to run against Trump in 2016. Just as Tricky Dick Nixon wanted to run against McGovern in 1972 and sabotaged other candidates to support that outcome in the Democratic primary.

Like Hillary, Nixon was the worst possible candidate for the changing times in which the 1972 election was held. He was a defender of a discredited status quo embroiled in several deeply unpopular, undeclared wars of repression in Southeast Asia.

Sound familiar?

Like Hillary, the beneficiaries of the status quo preferred him to a reform-minded president in 1972. Even though the nation was poised for huge changes. 

So Nixon got elected. Just as HRC will be elected.


Because everybody wants to run against Trump. He is the ideal opponent for any Dem. One who seems more ideal with each passing day as he offends one traditional victim group after another. Lately, the Reality TV Star has even begun lashing out at the white supremacists who have flocked to his idiot banner.

It’s almost as if he is trying to lose. Isn’t it?nixon

In recent days, this con artist has even begun suggesting the election is “rigged.” Thereby placing himself above suspicion as an active participant in the rigging.  

Talk about things that make you go “hmmmm.”

Who else could HRC possibly beat in an election filed with angry voters who have lost their homes to the big banks backing her and their jobs to the multinationals who have opened their political action campaigns to her.

Does Trump even know he’s a dupe?

Who knows?

But if Trump actually is an intelligence operative then what difference does it make whether the faltering middle class votes for him or HRC?

Did Lee Harvey Oswald know he was an operative?

Did McGovern know he was being duped?

You l19tell me.

What’s real?

Can’t tell any more.

Did I even write this?

How do you know in the rising American police state?

All you see is a byline. Could be anybody writing under it.

We do know this: HRC is a fatally flawed candidate who championed money interests while they were hollowing out the middle class.

Voters have seen their kids turned into debt slaves by for-profit colleges, Rent-a-Centers, and pay-day lenders. All three scams are being perpetrated by hedge funds and private equity funds which overwhelmingly support the idea of another Clinton presidency.

The first Clinton being the one who upended the restrictions of The Glass Steagall Act on big banks, which had prevented them from making big speculative gambles in global markets. Like the insane housing bets which precipitated the Great Recession in 2007.

The same Clinton ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower their mortgage lending standards to allow mortgage originators to push poor and middle class families into huge homes they could not afford.

Mortgage originators whose income was based on comcapturemissions received from Freddie and Fannie when those government enterprises repurchased home loans from them.

Big homes meant more money for these predatory originators. Even when the doomed families living inside them couldn’t possibly make their payments.

Wall Street’s financial locusts are coming for your retirement money and term insurance money next. They need HRC in The White House to get to it.

That’s why markets surge every time Trump stumbles and decline when she falters.

The end of this McDonaldized election is near, but whose end?

Is it the end of democracy, the end of the middle class, or just the end of an intelligence operation posing as an election?

trumpHow the heck would I know in this House of Mirrors?

I only see what the Star Chamber allows me to see. Just like you.

But we all know there is nothing kosher about this fakakta election.

Mark Twain said it best when he said “politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

Clearly, the time has come.

That smell ain’t roses.


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