Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Trump Trade Wars Paying Off For U.S. Workers

Donnie Trust Fund’s misguided trade war with China is starting to pay dividends for America’s beleaguered workers and faltering middle class.

U.S. Posts Net Loss of 380,000 Jobs for June

The U.S. labor market posted a net loss of 388,000 jobs in June as the 213,000 jobs it created were overwhelmed by new entries to...

Employers hogging benefits of productivity growth

It's been about 40 years since U.S. workers have shared in productivity gains resulting from technical innovations like the Internet and the rise of...

Editorial: Waiting for Organized Labor to Rediscover its Mojo

Organized labor is finally trying to get off its collective ass and become relevant to the 99% again, according to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times. However, union leaders have become so fat and lazy in recent decades, and such a part of the ruling political machines, that regaining their credibility and relevancy with decent working people is no easy task.

Much like predatory elites, union leaders often reside in an echo chamber of their own creation, where they're insulated from the harsh realities of the 99% by generous pay and benefits, and by fawning subordinates. Instead of working for the greater good of society, or even for the greater good of their own unions, the worst advance the interests of a small cabal of politically influential workers at the expense of everyone else.

This predatory behavior - let's call it by the right name - is one of the main reasons organized labor in the U.S. hasn't been worth a collective damn for so long. Unless you're a political hooker looking for a sugar daddy.

Now, the largest federation of U.S. unions, is finally talking about rethinking the way it works with the two ruling political machines in a bid to regain labor's lost mojo.