Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Occupy Wall Street overcomes bad press

By Susan J. Douglas

Despite the media’s atrocious coverage, the Occupy protests have clearly changed the nation’s conversation.

So here’s the question: Despite the media’s appalling coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a more sustained and sustainable assault on the injustices of corporate capitalism gaining a foothold?

With the emergence, and spread, of the Occupy movement, the first scandal was the mainstream media’s ignoring the story (until the NYPD got violent). Many noted, rightly, that if the demonstration had been organized by the Tea Party, the press would have been all over it from the start.

The second scandal, once the media did start to pay attention, was the dismissive, marginalizing coverage — The New York Times possibly being the worst — casting the demonstrators as clueless, leaderless neo-hippies simply looking for a way to pass sunny autumn afternoons.