Thursday, April 9, 2020
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California cops gone wild

Two police officers have been suspended for using pepper spray against nonviolent protesters on Nov. 18 at the University of California, Davis, in a...

Pro-democracy marchers flex new muscle

The greed-is-good community spent Thursday walking the streets they supposedly own as "masters of the universe" with their heads down and their proverbial tails tucked deeply between their legs.

Investment bankers and stock traders clicked the locks shut on their Range Rovers and BMWs as they drove between protesters and police in cities across the United States, and clambered on foot over the barricades separating them from the once voiceless poor and middle-class.

"I don't know when I'll get home," one well-dressed professional shouted into his iPhone Thursday evening from a press of Manhattan protesters who had been blocked from marching south to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sympathetic protesters asked the man in the expensive overcoat and suit if he had wandered into the standoff with police by accident on his way home.

range"I'm a marcher," he responded, drawing laughs. "I'm a marcher and I'm heading home. I'm multitasking."

More than 50,000 Americans filled the streets Thursday in response to a coordinated crackdown on Occupy Wall Street protest camps earlier this week by big-city mayors seeking to defend the political machines that brought them to power... (Continued)

Bloomberg Cracks Down on Occupy Movement

The New York Police Department cleared pro-democracy protesters from Zuccotti Park in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday morning in an attempt to stifle a fast-growing...

Occupy Protests Gain Momentum

U.S. mayors are trapped between a rock and a hard place by the Occupy Wall Street protests. On the one hand, they...

Occupy Wall Street overcomes bad press

By Susan J. Douglas

Despite the media’s atrocious coverage, the Occupy protests have clearly changed the nation’s conversation.

So here’s the question: Despite the media’s appalling coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a more sustained and sustainable assault on the injustices of corporate capitalism gaining a foothold?

With the emergence, and spread, of the Occupy movement, the first scandal was the mainstream media’s ignoring the story (until the NYPD got violent). Many noted, rightly, that if the demonstration had been organized by the Tea Party, the press would have been all over it from the start.

The second scandal, once the media did start to pay attention, was the dismissive, marginalizing coverage — The New York Times possibly being the worst — casting the demonstrators as clueless, leaderless neo-hippies simply looking for a way to pass sunny autumn afternoons.

Newsroom Insider: Occupy Wall Street

Roll the timeline backwards to September of 2005. I was covering Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for a major wire service when a newly...

“Occupy Wall Street” Antes Up

The Occupy Wall Street movement is for real. No one is really sure exactly what OWS is yet. However, the nonviolent grassroots...