Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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New Yorkers Rally With OWS For Embattled Greece

More than 250 people took to the streets of Lower Manhattan on Saturday to support decent working people in Greece against banking interests that wish to shield investors as the underwater global economy dries out. The Zuccotti Park protest was one of dozens held around the world on International Mobilization Day.

The New York crowd was evenly divided between Greek-Americans and members of Occupy Wall Street, but they had a common goal: support Greek wage-earners against austerity measures that punish the 99% for the sins of financial and political elites.

"The Greek economy has fallen apart," said Stephane Christane, 53, of New York City. "This idea that we're getting a bailout to prevent a default is ridiculous. The country is already insolvent. With the package they're talking about it will still be insolvent in 2020. So, you have to wonder who is really being bailed out."

"I was there at Christmas and I saw things that I have never seen there - homeless people, soup kitchens and people picking through the trash," said Christane, a Columbia University administrator who was raised in Greece. "My father said these things haven't happened in Greece since World War II."

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Accepting a Failed America

The United States of America as we knew it is dead and it's not coming back - no matter how many "Make America Great Again" baseball hats the gangster wannabee in The White House sells. It's time for us to stop living in the past and start dealing with the world as it is again.