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Cynical Times Endorses Hillary Clinton

Supports lesser turd in disastrous Kabuki Theater election

by Tommie Paine - Aug-28-2016
in Market Supremacy News

Ever wonder how so many Africans could be crowded aboard European slave ships without a revolt in the 1800s?

Or how so many Jews could be herded to their own deaths during the Holocaust without turning on their Nazi oppressors?

Well, wonder no more. Cause you're living that kind of history right here and now as the faltering middle class is being forced to choose between dueling Wall Street sellouts in the biggest mockery of a presidential election in United States history.

It's a political version of Japan's vaunted kabuki theater. One which signals no more and no less than the end of representative democracy and the American Way of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

This surreal moment is eerily reminiscent of  the climactic scene in the original Ghostbusters film, when Gozer the Gozerian invited the human race to choose the form of its own destruction.

With that thought in mind, The Cynical Times hereby endorses Hillary Clinton for president, as the lesser of the two elitist turds vying to betray the faltering middle class in November. We endorsed Bernie Sanders before the conventions, but Clinton succeeded in cheating the working class hero out of  the Democratic nomination.
"In a normal general election we'd have at least one candidate representing the interests of decent, hardworking Americans," said Cynical Times Editor VJ Epstein. "This year both candidates are greedy sonsabitches from the country club set who can't wait to sell out the rest of us to Wall Street. To her credit, Hillary isn't quite as big a turd as Donald Trump."

"Watching them take a run at one another is like watching a football game between the hapless New York Jets and even more hapless Detroit Lions," he said. "You know they both deserve to lose, but you also know one of them has to win at some point. Them's the rules." Continue

Foul Language

Market Supremacy News

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Britain's vote to exit the European Union on Friday was a tremendous victory for a 99 Percent which is desperately trying to stem the shift toward global tyranny being orchestrated by predatory elites.

Bullshit News of the Day: AP's flawed Zumwalt coverage

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You have to love the circular logic and shameless sins of omission in The Associated Press' latest fatally flawed article about the U.S. Navy's new Zumwalt class destroyer.

Energy Industry to America: Drop Dead

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Recognizing Osama's sweeping victory

U.S. battlefield wins offset by treasonous 1% back home

It's hard to believe Osama bin Laden will go down in history as the architect of our democratic society's downfall, but this painful truth is becoming clearer with each passing day as fearful Americans continue to abandon the moral compass that made us great.

Sanders battles Clinton to Iowa tie

Hillary disappoints Wall Street backers

Political Outsider Bernie Sanders fought Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton to a virtual standstill in Monday’s Iowa Caucus, the first state primary election of the 2016 presidential race.

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The geeks at TechCrunch may be hell on wheels when it comes to covering new computer software and hardware, but "not so much" when it comes to covering the economy.

Why The Cynical Times uses foul language

And Why You Should Too

I grew up in the Bronx, one of this nation’s great working class communities, and one of the joys of my return to the area nearly 20 years later was the ability to speak colorfully, profanely and directly again without offending anyone.
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Satire & Humor

Trump Orders Surrogates to Get Laid More

GOP front-runner begs puppets to eat smarter A bloated and randy Donald Trump urgently called upon his most visible supporters to have sex more often and consume fewer gassy foods Tuesday.

Cynical Times editor trolls Clinton stronghold

Steely eyed satirist says he was “Feeling the Bern” VJ Epstein was cruising his Facebook timeline alone Thursday afternoon, buck naked in the privacy of his living room, when the break in the social media clouds he’d been hoping for finally arrived.

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News Alert: Hillary defects to Republican Party

Candidate says switch needed to stymie global “mob rule” Presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Thursday that she is abandoning Democrats and returning to her conservative roots in a bid to save a Republican Party tossed into chaos by the mercurial rise of Reality TV Star Donald Trump.


New Trumps: Black, Jewish, Hispanic and rich

Virulent affluenza strain jumps to minority elites

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
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