Donald Trump: Every Terrorist’s Friend

Silver Spoon's Strategic Vision Hindered by Terminal Case of Affluenza

by Victor Epstein - Oct-8-2017
in Market Supremacy News

Winning over the civilian populations of divided lands is the key to successful counter-terrorism operations, according to United States military doctrine.

It’s the basis of the “hearts and minds” strategy we tried and failed to implement in Vietnam, Cuba, China, Nicaragua, Iraq and Afghanistan via one corrupt puppet regime after another. Even as the same strategy succeeded spectacularly in places like Puerto Rico, The Philippines, Hawaii, Korea, Germany and Japan.

The outcome of overseas military operations often hinges on the quality of our allies. However, President Donald Trump's racist insults virtually guarantee we'll only get the second-stringers whose principles are for sale.

This is especially problematic for Special Forces teams training foreign personnel in the Middle East. Which is part of the reason Admiral William H. McRaven, the former commander of Joint Special Forces Command, called Trump “the greatest threat” to America in his lifetime.

The sharp-tongued patrician has verbally lashed the principled moderates of the Islamic world our military is trying to win over. As well as a good portion of the rest of the human race.

The Cynical Times estimates Trump's primitive tribal rhetoric has been publicly directed toward at least four-fifths of the 7.6 billion people on Planet Earth. He's radicalizing moderates into terrorists faster than any firebrand imam on the planet.

Counter-terrorism is a three-dimensional chess game, but Trump is strictly checkers when it comes to strategic thinking. He has a linear mind which proceeds from Point A to Point B by the most direct and predictable two-dimensional route.

Unflattering story?

Call it fake news.

Muslim terrorist?

Pretend all Muslims are terrorists.

Attractive female?

"Grab them by the pussy."

Need bribe money?

Make lobbyists pay big membership fees to meet with you at a Trump Organization golf course.

The best argument against our nation's fitness to continue to serve as the world's sole remaining superpower and the leader of the free world is the fact that we elected this rich loon in the first place. 

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