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Are "We The People" still part of the world's greatest democracy?

... Or house slaves in an American global plantation?

by Bert Wolfe - May-25-2017
in Columns

We the People of the United States have become all but irrelevant in the policy discussions conducted by our elected leaders in Washington, D.C.

A recent study by scholars from Princeton and Northwestern universities found the average, everyday American has virtually no impact on either the thinking of the members of the U.S. Congress or their policy making decisions.

For better or worse, We the People have been reduced from empowered citizens of a representative democracy to the ignored, irrelevant and powerless subjects of a global superpower. A corporate empire determined to flex its economic and military muscle and impose its will on a world bristling at American hegemony.

Foul Language

Market Supremacy News

Reporter arrested for committing journalism

Welcome to the corporate police state

Remember that anti-Occupy Wall Street law you didn't care about when it was passed almost unanimously by our Korrupt Korporate Kongress in 2012, and signed into law by our Korrupt Korporate President? No? Well, maybe you should have been paying more attention.

Hillary tries to hijack resistance movement

Elitist candidate reinvents herself, kinda sorta

Hillary Clinton continued to defy expectations this week by shamelessly claiming allegiance with the resistance movement targeting her Wall Street paymasters.

The Comforting Lies Which Enslave U.S.

How Voters are Transformed into Sheeple

Ever notice how pharmaceutical ads targeting senior citizens always feature younger people with a little fake gray in their hair, who couldn't possibly be over the age of 45? TV commercials for elderly people suffering from erectile dysfunction and high cholesterol habitually show their subjects bicycling, lifting weights, hiking or getting ready to hop in bed with their spouses for some hot afternoon sex.

Bert Wolfe Named Working Class Hero

Cynical Pennsylvania Reader Gets It

The Cynical Times hereby honors reader Bert Wolfe as a "Working Class Hero" for his wonderfully insightful explanation of the global forces now battering the faltering middle class.

Why Hillary lost

131 mln working age Americans lack full-time jobs

Used to be only Republicans used the term “reality-based community” to refer to principled Americans who stubbornly cling to the concepts like duty, honor and truth.

The U.S. Military and Police are Socialist Institutions

Heroic Sacrifice for Greater Good is Antithesis of Savage Capitalism

Contrary to popular belief, the military, law enforcement agencies and fire departments of the United States of America are among the world's most socialist institutions.

Cynical pans SyriaMania 23

Implausible script and wooden acting mar "wag the dog" political show

Last night's scripted "attack" on Syria's Shayrat Airfield was the political equivalent of the WrestleMania 23 professional wrestling promotion in Detroit in 2007.
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Satire & Humor

Cynical Times starts Kickstarter campaign

Funds needed to cover Ukrainian Femen movement Now for something completely different: What's the dichotomy between progressive activists in France and their counterparts in the United States? .

Congress and Lobbyists Missing Obama

Beltway Insiders Say Trump's Stealing Their Bribe Money Say what you will about former president Barack Obama, but his oft-frustrated reform efforts were a windfall for the lobbyist industry and the political hookers they bribe in Washington, D.

Interview with a Moo Cow

Cold hands and warm silage outweigh politics Dear fellow progressives, I have a confession to make: I like my steak well done with ketchup just like Herr Trump.

Trump Orders Surrogates to Get Laid More

GOP front-runner begs puppets to eat smarter A bloated and randy Donald Trump urgently called upon his most visible supporters to have sex more often and consume fewer gassy foods Tuesday.

Cynical Times editor trolls Clinton stronghold

Steely eyed satirist says he was “Feeling the Bern” Victor Epstein was cruising his Facebook timeline alone Thursday afternoon, buck naked in the privacy of his living room, when the break in the social media clouds he’d been hoping for finally arrived.

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Where Have You Gone Stephen Colbert?

… Cashing in and Selling out in the Trump Era

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
Journalists rarely go gaga over celebrities because we meet so many of them, but I still remember the night I met comedian Stephen Colbert like it was my honeymoon.

High tuition costs dim dreams

U.S. kids face daunting challenges

Bert Wolfe
Left Perspective by Bert Wolfe
Never before in American history has it been so expensive and difficult to get a college education, with the average annual tuition at a four-year school topping $36,000.

The Utter Cowardice of Immigrant Bashing

Poser Heaven for Fake Tough Guys

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
As a public service journalist who once made a living scrutinizing the powerful and championing the needy, I absolutely abhor the immigrant bashing now in vogue in this great nation.
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