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Bullshit Defense News of the Day: AP's flawed Zumwalt coverage

Reporter uses circular logic and sins of omission to curry favor with defense sources

by VJ Epstein - May-26-2016
in Market Supremacy News

You have to love the circular logic and shameless sins of omission in The Associated Press' latest fatally flawed article about the U.S. Navy's new Zumwalt class destroyer.

The Zumwalt is a next generation naval weapons platform which represents the military industrial complex's latest ploy to pilfer the federal treasury. It's also a controversial vessel a significant number of naval strategists neither want nor believe in.

Sadly, AP reporter David Sharp and his editors gave monied interests a free ride in their article about this wasteful program in a shameless bid to curry favor with their defense sources. The result is a globally distributed piece of propaganda that tells readers very little about what's really going on, but does a great job of misleading us.

Gutless stories that feature this kind of obvious fawning over sources are known in the news industry as "blowjob stories" and those who produce them are called "fluffers." Neither term is a compliment.

Market Supremacy News

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Satire & Humor

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Who wore it better?

Bernie Jesus or the politician formerly known as Hillary Clinton? The working class heroes laboring on your behalf here at The Cynical Times are always on the lookout for a new way to add some value to the gutless, milquetoast pablum you're regularly spoonfed by the mainstream snooze media.


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