The Decline and Fall of The United States of America

The Slow Death of Freedom and Equality in a Fading Democracy

by Victor Epstein - Jun-16-2018
in Market Supremacy News

Used to be rich psychopaths could ride into a lawless part of this country, pay-off the sheriff, and have their hired guns kill anyone who opposed them. Then rename the frontier community for themselves.

Now people like The Koch Brothers slander anyone who opposes tyranny as a troublemaker or revolutionary; misrepresent liberalism as something bad; and employ paid liars to silence the voice of the people and replace it with their own. When they squeeze their fingers together, those of us who speak of the liberal ideals of democracy, freedom and equality online are silenced.

Right-wing billionaires like Robert Mercer, Donnie Trustfund and Rupert Murdoch are the real revolutionaries and the real agents behind this change. They're hijacking our representative democracy and replacing representative leaders with themselves and their puppets.

These rich goons are in the process of taking everything we've got and everything we ever will have. Sadly, most Americans still don't see it. They keep looking for that handy dandy "bad guy" label.

As if.

They're still waiting for that funny feeling in their toes to kick in that tells them when they're being conned.

As if.

Meanwhile, they're buying into the knowing lies of the big investors and CEOs who pass for royalty these days. They'd rather be told what to think by the Wall Street cheerleaders who pass for journalists in our neutered news industry than put the time into sussing it out for themselves.

Allow me to summarize.

We are living through no more and no less than the decline and fall of The United States of America, the birth of a global police state, and the resurrection of hereditary rule.

Meaning the America our forebears built after the Gilded Age to stop the rich from making life here a living hell for the rest of us.


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