Let's All Celebrate The Weakest Generation

As American Democracy Recedes Before a Wave of Royal Wannabees

by Victor Epstein - Mar-15-2018
in Market Supremacy News
Used to be that when a strong American leader pushed through necessary reforms they did so even against the tide of public opinion, as Lincoln did when he abolished slavery and Eisenhower did when he desegregated our military.
However, once political corruption and hereditary rule become the norm the gap between policymakers and public opinion takes on a far more evil tinge. Leadership by example gives way to leadership by privilege.

Case in point, the huge gap between popular support for a ban on assault rifles and the desire to maintain the status quo among our new royals in Washington, D.C. This gap doesn't exist because our elected leaders are courageous champions of the greater good, but because they no longer represent us. It is an indication we have become their hostages, rather than their constituents.
The painful truth is that our billionaire president and millionaire Senators rule America's poor and faltering middle class like dogs. This new generation of hereditary royals doesn't have to worry about gun violence because they send their kids to private schools and frolic behind the walls of gated communities and exclusive country clubs. 
The members of our crooked Congress enjoy a 90 percent reelection rate, despite a 16 percent approval rating. 
So what percentage of Americans wants to see stricter gun control legislation?

Fugg you all, I'm not saying.

Go watch some more Fox. Go read The New York Times, where every job killing innovation is presented as a laudable thing and workers are invisible. These rich sonsabitches tell us that the unemployment rate is wonderful and we're living in a time of plenty.
Never mind the boarded up stores on Main Street, the Meth and Opium zombies searching through our garbage cans, and the homeless veterans living in the woods all around us in Flyover Country. America is balling, according to the mainstream news media controlled by Wall Street. Especially in the New York, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., privilege bubbles.

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Market Supremacy News

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