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The Knowing Bullshit of Rump's Border Wall

Barrier Won't Protect Faltering Middle Class From Treasonous Elites

by Victor Epstein - Jan-7-2017
in Market Supremacy News

Workers in the United States don't need a border wall to protect us from hardworking Mexicans making $8 a day. 

All we need to preserve our living standard is for U.S. employers who hire illegals to be subject to negative consequences. Right now, the criteria is that they don't have to be "documents experts." Which means that if an employer hires someone with a green card written in crayon it's not their fault.

The illegal gets deported. The employer walks away and hires another illegal a day later.

All of which brings us back to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's longstanding support for a U.S. labor market where employers can hire non-Americans at will. Thereby screwing over U.S. workers and their families. Again.
The Chamber supports an expanded Guestworker program allowing foreign workers to legally receive slave wages within our borders. Thereby leveling their fellow Americans with the workers of low-wage nations like China and Mexico.

If President Elect Donnie Rump builds his wall, the Fortune 500 will simply begin using that Guestworker Program to bring in their slave labor legally. Thereby reducing wages for the faltering middle class. Again.

Get it?

Foul Language

Market Supremacy News

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