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Editor’s Note: Why The Cynical Times uses foul language

…And why mainstream news organizations should too

by Victor Epstein - Nov-20-2015

I grew up in the Bronx, one of this nation’s great working class communities, and one of the joys of my return to the area nearly 20 years later was the ability to speak colorfully, profanely and directly again without offending anyone. 

I was also delighted to be reunited with a childhood friend named "Tony," who had just returned to New York City from Boston after completing his doctorate at Harvard. He was a professor at a local university now and everyone in our old circle of friends was incredibly proud of him. However, his new speech patterns took some getting used to.

Tony didn’t curse anymore, speak fast, use slang, or mix Spanish and English in the same sentences. He sounded a little “fancy” without those vestiges of working class speech, which is not a compliment for those of us raised in the city's outer boros. His wife also had a PhD and it sounded like a doctoral dissertation whenever they conversed.

“Hey Tony,” I said one day, speaking rapidly as is my habit. “Hey man, you guys wanna grab some dinner with Amaka and me this weekend? Maybe catch a flick? Have a couple cervesas?”

Tony looked at me like he was studying a computer screen as he gathered his thoughts. He'd always been thoughtful and deliberate, but the pause between thought and speech was considerably longer now.

It was easy to erroneously assume he had nothing to say when this occurred. I'm fairly impatient and would sometimes jump into these lulls, upsetting his thought process like a kid running through puddles.

“I can whip up a batch of my homemade marinara sauce if you want to make the hike out to Jersey City,” I interjected during one lull, receiving a pain look from Tony in return.

It was the kind of look normally associated with nails on a chalkboard.

“I’ve got a bottle of Jack,” I added a moment later, earning another wince.

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