Political Hookers Will Ignore Dead Kid's Mom

They Work for Wall Street, Not Main Street

by Victor Epstein - Feb-16-2018
in Market Supremacy News

It's hard for me to respond compassionately to Lori Alhadeff's heartbreaking appeal to President Donald Trump to "do something" in the wake of the mass shooting which killed 17 Americans in Florida yesterday. One of them, her 14-year-old daughter.


Because I know better.
I'm weary of dead kids, jaded by mass shootings, and all too familiar with the way this brutal political game plays out in Washington, D.C. Where the poor and middle class are always political pawns.
As a proud liberal journalist, former member of The National Press Club, and longtime political correspondent I understand what's really wrong with our nation. And my message of runaway political corruption and corporate greed has been playing to crickets for too long. Particularly on the Right.

Only a political neophyte could possibly cling to the illusion that Trump and his fellow toxic elites are advancing the greater good. Instead of enriching themselves in the last days of a fading American empire.

We are stricken with several generations of Country Club Commandos right now who take pleasure in the suffering of working Americans. They're all about establishing themselves as the planet's new hereditary royals. Not making sacrifices for the greater good or leading by example.

That is the neither the Republican truth nor the Democratic truth. It is the painful truth.

Sadly, tens of millions of decent, hardworking people just like Alhadeff unwittingly facilitate American deaths at home and overseas every day when they embrace the comforting lies and half truths of the propaganda machines controlled by these toxic elites. Like Fox News.

They do this by turning a blind eye to the suffering of their peers and the painfully obvious decay of the Republican and Democratic parties.

It's incredibly rare for the Come to Jesus Moment of these poor dupes to be publicly captured with the aching clarity that it was on Thursday, when a grieving Alhadeff screamed into a CNN microphone shortly after planning her child's funeral.

"President Trump, please do something," the heartbroken mom pleaded. "Do something. Action. We need it now. These kids need safety now."

As if Trump is a real man or even a bonafide leader. Instead of a five-time draft evader, gun lobby sellout, and lifelong con artist who is hip deep in the looting of America. 

Painful Truth No. 9.8956 Gazillion: Trump is rich garbage and he ain't gonna do a goddamn thing for anyone with less than $10 million in the bank. Only a fool would think otherwise.

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