Anti-Obama Meme is Costing The Cynical Times Some Readers

Progressive publication's editor says "good riddance"

by Victor Epstein - Jul-19-2017
in Market Supremacy News

The Cynical Times has lost more than 10 followers since we ran a meme on our Facebook page criticizing former President Barack Obama, who remains a beloved figure among many Progressives. Including those involved in the production of The Cynical Times.

Ten readers may not sound like much, but it's an unprecedented development in the history of this Progressive nonprofit news organization. It's no small thing for Cynical, which was founded in 2011 to champion the faltering middle class and give Occupy Wall Street a fair shake in the news media.

What's it all mean?

That's a good question. Especially for those of us in the Progressive movement. We tend be more inclined to introspection than those who place their loyalty to the Republican and Democratic parties ahead of being American.
It either means there are just as many educated idiots on the left as the right. Or just as many blockheads who won't admit when they're wrong.
Know what it doesn't mean?
It doesn't mean our country's rampant political corruption is solely the result of Wall Street and their Red State overseers. Cause some of those of us on the left clearly can't grasp the idea that greed is color blind and politically neutral.
Know what those people are called?
Limousine liberals.
Know what we are here at The Cynical Times?
We're Principled Liberals.
Know what a Principled Liberal hates even more than a Conservative Republican?
A Limousine Liberal.


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