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Political Hookers Resurrect Keystone Pipeline

Trump and his 1% Pals Laugh at Masses

by Victor Epstein - Mar-24-2017
in Market Supremacy News

Apparently, no one in the mainstream news media saw the Keystone Pipeline being resurrected by our Korrupt Korporatist Kongress after the presidential election. Even though we predicted it four times at The Cynical Times.

How did we know?

We understand the U.S. is no longer either a functioning democracy or even a functioning society, where policy is crafted to advance the greater good.

Instead, our government is a protection racket in which political hookers auction public policy to big corporations in what can only be described as Kongressional profit sharing. Our elected officials wash the bribe money clean through excessive speaking fees, insider trading tips, donations to their family charities, and low-show jobs for their pampered offspring.

It's a government whose sole purpose is to expand its income from legalized bribes in much the same way big business grows profit and revenue each quarter to curry favor with investors.


Foul Language

Market Supremacy News

Trump's bogus "states' rights" attack on Obamacare

The far right's selective embrace of the term makes it meaningless

President Donald Trump is disingenuously citing "states' rights" as the justification for his efforts to dismantle Obamacare.If he was really committecation for his efforts to dismantle Obamacare.

The Knowing Bullshit of Rump's Border Wall

Barrier Won't Protect Faltering Middle Class From Treasonous Elites

Workers in the United States don't need a border wall to protect us from hardworking Mexicans making $8 a day. All we need to preserve our living standard is for U.

U.S. to Get Railed by High Oil Prices Again

Lube Up America, Here Comes the Pain

Outside, it's America.Where the Predatory 1 Percent celebrates "free trade" only when it can be used to hurt workers, and curtails it the rest of the time.

Hillary's "Let Them Eat Cake" Moment

Undone by relfexive Wall Street cheerleading

Hillary Clinton's exaggerated claims about the health of the U.S. labor market and economy, and lauding of a jobless recovery benefiting only the rich, are the primary reasons Democrats lost an election they should have run away with.

Middle Class turning on own in wake of Election 2016

1% conquers masses via divide and rule tactics

Guess who won the 2016 presidential election:Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, or the Wall Street multinationals employing divide and rule tactics?If you said "Wall Street" you win a cookie.

Trump rides economic shit storm to victory

Silver spoon is little bird on rhinoceros of populist anger

Just awoke to a Trump presidency, angry feminists and delighted veterans.  My take? This was never a traditional election. It was a referendum on a coJust awoke to a Trump presidency, angry feminists and delighted veterans.

This McDonaldized election was over before it began

Predatory elites herding voters to Wall Street's preferred candidates

When I see "too good to be true" nonsense like the meme at left I have to wonder what is real and what is illusion in this verkakte presidential election, and whether Hillary Rodham Clinton is running a dirty tricks operation.

The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide Part 2

What to do before the lights go out, and afterward

Go Back to Part 1: The Ultimate Hurricane Survival GuideStep 14: Prelude Timeline Finally, let's talk about the timeline. You should be charging all your battery-powered gear and power centers the day before the storm.
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Satire & Humor

Interview with a Moo Cow

Cold hands and warm silage outweigh politics Dear fellow progressives, I have a confession to make: I like my steak well done with ketchup just like Herr Trump.

Trump Orders Surrogates to Get Laid More

GOP front-runner begs puppets to eat smarter A bloated and randy Donald Trump urgently called upon his most visible supporters to have sex more often and consume fewer gassy foods Tuesday.

Cynical Times editor trolls Clinton stronghold

Steely eyed satirist says he was “Feeling the Bern” Victor Epstein was cruising his Facebook timeline alone Thursday afternoon, buck naked in the privacy of his living room, when the break in the social media clouds he’d been hoping for finally arrived.

Breaking News: Brokeback recharges cast

Jackman and Crowe to star in troubled production Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe have been tagged to replace the feuding stars of the big budget remake of Brokeback Mountain in a last minute bid to save the floundering production, according to New Line Cinema.

Madonna defends flawed Prince "tribute"

Material Girl says lip syncing's not as easy as it looks Madonna Louise Ciccone, the aging singer known simply as "Madonna" before money and fame ruined her, lashed out Monday at critics of her opportunistic tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson.

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Mourning the New Year

Workers' new status as excess humanity

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
I went to sleep early last night, instead of joining in the artificial revelry of New Year's Eve at a time of such pain for the faltering middle class.

Howard Beach: The High Price of Racial Politics

Deadly incident's flawed narrative still resonates 30 years later

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
It's been 30 years since the racially charged death of Michael Griffith during what came to be known as The Howard Beach incident.

Trump Eco Team Heavy With Wall Street Predators

... Money Men Stepping Out of the Shadows

Victor Epstein
Painful Truths by Victor Epstein
President Elect Donald Trump's so-called economic team is actually comprised of his fellow Wall Street predators and silver spoons, who have a history of enriching themselves at the expense of the poor and faltering middle class.
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